Every time I see the yellow one my brain thinks...

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  1. The tank isn’t clean, that's for sure!

  2. It's a bit wobbly but it'll sit on its side. I had issues with mine but it was the same in both orientations so I doubt it was related.

  3. Not sure if I'd trust harvesting these; they look a little inbread...

  4. Not the same, the Citrus Sharp Polos were like compressed sugar, whereas the Fruit ones are boiled sweets.

  5. I wonder if setting up a petition aimed at both Barr and Tangerine Confectionery (who bought the rights to the Wham Bar after McCowan's - who also made the Irn Bru bar - went under) might be a start to getting the holy grail of chews back on the market? 🤔

  6. Anyone else singing this in their head with these lyrics?

  7. The fact that everything Cramer does is a joke, having him as the jester in the Joker card is a stroke of genius! So Joker Cramer is my favourite here.

  8. Get these bad lads to Computershare. DRS is the way, my friend.

  9. To give Sea En Bee See credit where credit’s due, they didn't mention “meme stocks”, retail, our beloved chairman, or “hackers”. Feels nice not having the blame publically placed squarely on us for a change.

  10. This happened to someone a few weeks ago, it was “revealed” that someone was doing training and “accidently” used a real account. Don't have the link unfortunately, but it appeared on my feed on Zuck’s failing social site.

  11. Good thing the GameStop Wallet will safely store your ETH or ETH tokens and NFTs, even if every CEX goes bankrupt.

  12. For clarification, even if Google and Apple pull the wallet from their stores, your tokens and the like are safe as your private assets are stored on the blockchain for all to see and verify.

  13. So wait, does that mean our beloved Kenny Mayo lied under oath? Surely not! /s

  14. Ah, this one catches me out every year!

  15. Depends if this bingo card was issued pre splivy

  16. Ah, the ol’ “let’s get the MSM to screw up the searching algorithm” method. Getting real tired of your shit Kenny. Pay me!

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