1. Glad to hear, sometimes the iTunes payment system just gets in a funk. Rebooting your device likely fixes this as well.

  2. I'll copy paste my comment from the other thread but the tl;dr is "sorry, fixed, update app to version 1.14.14".

  3. I’ve updated my app and I’ve had the cyber sale pop up 3 times today?

  4. Are you on 1.14.14? Can you reply with a screenshot?

  5. Taking this into consideration, some Ultra users also don't use saved categories so I'll probably just add an option in Settings to hide the button all together.

  6. Settings tab > About > Crash Reports & Analytics

  7. For the first comment, please read the last few words of my comment.

  8. I hear the feedback here, and appreciate the "unintentional" benefit of the doubt, the suggestions in here make sense and I'll fix up. I'll work on revising the Continue button to make it more clear in all contexts, and the X being low contrast were more of an aesthetic choice than a functional one, but I'll make that more clear (something like a circle background on it could do a lot of heavy lifting here).

  9. I accidentally purchased lifetime and meant to purchase yearly subscription. Is there a way I can revert this? - New iphone user

  10. Yeah! Developers unfortunately don't have the ability to (everything is handled by the iTunes payment system) but if you tap Report a Problem in the receipt email Apple should be able to help you out.

  11. I finally unlocked Ultra after using the app for two years. Was using the official Reddit app and Apollo in tandem but the continued development of features swayed me to pay for the unlock 🤑

  12. That truly means a lot! Any extra features you'd love to see?

  13. It already does, that's what the 200 MB means there. Basically it trims itself when it gets close to 200 MB.

  14. It's the percentage of upvotes to downvotes, so if it's 75% for instance 75% of people upvoted it versus downvoted it.

  15. Thank you! Curious, do you have the "display zoom" option enabled in the Settings app under Display?

  16. The beans icon was the stupidest idea I ever had and one I'm the most proud of

  17. Yeah while a lot of people asked for this feature it was definitely a selfish one too, I've been wanting it so bad haha.

  18. It would be nice if it would be possible to batch edit already existing saves.

  19. How would you like this to work ideally? I could make it so you could go through each one and tap the ••• button > Set Category > {category you want}, but that would still be a lot of taps to go through. Maybe like a bulk editing UI like the Mail app on iOS?

  20. Hmm, could you explain? I just took the old banner that's been there for years (haptic feedback and all, which can be switched off in Settings > General) and added a button to it. Or am I misunderstanding what you mean (highly possible)

  21. Thanks for responding! Helpfully I still have the previous version installed on my old phone:

  22. Ohhh! Gotcha, I forgot I didn't show the banner in that case because the intention was more clear. Thanks for this, will try to figure out how to balance this.

  23. How would you like it represented? Like a pie chart or something?

  24. Sorry for this, this is on my to do list to fix for hopefully the next update, it's stupidly looking for the wrong IAP here as far as I can tell since Ultra icons are also listed on the page

  25. Looking into this one, it's indeed supposed to be daily but I might have a bug in my date math

  26. Sort of. It's a newer API by Apple, basically rather than the app asking for permission for all photos, it asks permission for zero photos, then iOS kicks up an external process with a photo chooser in it (this is important, so that the host app AKA Pixel Pals can't view it, screenshot it, etc., it's literally a separate process for the operating system), then when you choose a photo, it returns that photo (and ONLY that photo) to the host app (Pixel Pals), so the app is only able to see exactly what you tell it, nothing more. The "permission prompt" is basically you selecting the photo itself!

  27. Thank you for the report. To be clear, do any info backgrounds work for you, or do they all result in this? Have you tried rebooting?

  28. No problem, animal shelters have given so much to me in the animals in my life over the years that it's very easy to want to give back :)

  29. This actually made my night lol. Thank you for the reports but this is too beautiful to remove

  30. As others mentioned, I'm not too worried for a very of reasons. Short version:

  31. Was trying to get this fixed for this release but having a heck of a time with it. Mainly because I don't have a "mini" iPhone handy and the simulator doesn't work the greatest with Pixel Pals. My theory is those smaller devices use some weird screen scaling thing that the other phones don't use and it's messing up my math somewhere? I'll poke around more, worst case scenario 12 minis are going for decently cheap on local classifieds and I could just have another test device haha

  32. Price was raised by Apple across Europe back in September due to rising inflation. They set the price buckets for each country, and a developer only selects which bucket they want.

  33. Bingo bango. I just set the price tier (basically just USD) and Apple uses that to assign for the rest of the world. It was set to "Tier 50" prior to the sale (basically the same as saying 50 USD) and dropped to Tier 45 for the sale.

  34. The beans lose flavor when they're made jumbo so this is a feature not a bug.

  35. Which iOS version are you on? Having a bit of trouble replicating this bug

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