1. I have the answers your looking for: Saviour, silvercord, still slayer, Westland, aphasia, no eye has seen, degrader, blueshift, Allt, rogue, all band names and your welcome. 💪

  2. And it only took 1,000 reasons why most people say “I would be a higher rank if it wasn’t for my team mate going for re directs while saving my shot inner”

  3. Could use certain AI tools to focus it, they are freaking scary it’s wild. Shot a lake portrait at f2.4 and tested one of the AI sharpen tools on it and it created clear crispy trees on the other end of the lake some how. Houses and boats everything, wild.

  4. Damn I bought mine for 22k before these inflated prices, a 2020 same package with 28k miles

  5. Find a place that sells meal prep even, as a personal trainer myself I have even used these places when I get tired of cooking, or want new ideas or places to send clients. If I remember correctly my favorite place had monthly cost of like $300 for 40 meals so I placed an order of what 10 I wanted for the week and picked them up. It’s a franchise called muscle maker grill, snap kitchen is another, check locally what you have.

  6. This is my duos partner game 24/7 and nothing helps it

  7. I’ve been a personal trainer for 7 years and I teach this to all of my clients, usually adding some lemon, maybe even some baking side, potassium citrate and baking soda in a gallon jug even.

  8. ChatGPT, give your lyrics and tell it to improve then

  9. man i could tell u so much easier if i could hear it lol reading midi notes is so tedious for my brain

  10. Its the newest stuff from Invent Animate, lots of coo layers.

  11. Don't forget just because they don't understand theory, does not mean that they are not still using it unwittingly.

  12. So what I've found in this entire album is that most songs are in A Natural Minor, and the ones that were not used E Major, but then one of them didnt match E major either, it ended up matching G major. So something about songs using A Natural Minor, G major, and E major in my particular genre I really love.

  13. How old is the mattress? Should be a date in the tag or you should be able to track down your purchase - I just did this with our mattress sagging really bad from purple. I opened a claim, took pictures, got a brand new mattress for free because of a 10 year manufactures warranty!

  14. Wow, was that with IKEA? My mattress is over 15 months old.

  15. The brand purple, I got the base model but it was still $1800 7 years ago. Brand new mattress for free this week!

  16. I’m building a table top to replace my current one and was looking for something similar to what you build so I can mount my monitors to it. How did you attach it to the desk? I know wall mounting it would be easy but I live in an apartment and don’t want to deal with having to fill and retexture the walls

  17. So I didn’t use a giant piece of plywood, in stead I framed the back with 2x2, where my 3d panels connect. So there are solid vertical 2x2s at each seam. I went straight through the backs of those into my desk, which is a butcher block counter top. And I could also add supports on on the inner sides of the frame that sit just on top of the desk behind my speakers. Think just a small wood block, that add as a stop to not let the giant frame go lower. I may even go through the sides of that frame into my desk for further support. I want to mount my monitors soon but I may need to ad some lower bracing on the bottom of the frame, at maybe a 30 degree angle up towards the desk but then it won’t look as cool

  18. Invent animate instrumental, rogue instrumental, and Anup Sastry

  19. You forgot to turn. Either turn, or straighten out and brake. Lol.

  20. Test with some water if it looks better wet, if so you can use some type of plastic detailer I recommend something with some ceramic in it, follow the instructions it will at least turn it all a deep black color.

  21. I trade with a cleaner to clean our place who normally charges $60/hour, does mostly new construction cleaning, by her self. I trade my service for theirs and helps since I have two messy kids.

  22. I would only suggest you practice playing to a metronome and it will make you more solid naturally

  23. My mom works in a high end furniture store doing sales and it sucks because people walk in after a move and want new furniture, $10k-$50k orders and they lose so much business cause they have to tell everyone like sorry it’s a 6 month wait if you order anything right now.

  24. Your 6’4” and 150 Jesus! I’m 6’3” and 210 but am cutting back down to 190. Just got a kp150 and many other riders will tell you, it’s fun to ride a slow bike fast. And it being small you get to really maneuver and learn how to control a motorcycle. Highly recommend but can’t bash you wanting a bigger bike either way

  25. So I got my magna for $1500, it starts and runs great, but I don’t have the time or a garage to work on it. Needs its carbs pulled, cleaned and synced, as well as general maintenance stuff, but also brake and fork rebuild will be needed soon (fork seal is already leaked bad) so that’s like $500-$800 in service on a 40 year old bike.

  26. So you dont have time nor place to work on a bike and you want to buy a bike that needs to be worked on?

  27. I have a mechanic, he said my magna is going to need more work than the ninja, and that the ninja is easier to get parts for and work on

  28. If you need to be told how bad this deal is then you deserve what is about to happen.

  29. But my bike also doesn’t run properly and the shops that work on bikes this old have quoted me pretty high since I don’t feel like I can do the work myself. Like $500-$800 worth of stuff.

  30. You don’t need to have the carbs done every season. Learn to do the stuff yourself. It’s not that hard. Also, run premium only and put a can of seafoam through the tank. It’ll help.

  31. Yeah the original owner informed me non ethanol premium only, and that it’s always had that. I need to hit it with some sea foam but it did get a tank with some Lucas fuel treat meant in it when I got it.

  32. Take it as a learning experience, especially getting into riding. Riding is all about risk acceptance and mitigation. You accepted the risk of driving with liability only insurance and in this case it bit you. When you ride, what risks are you going to accept, and how are you going to mitigate what you don't want to accept?

  33. That's what I'm worried about. Might have to look at even cheaper cars to bring the new payment down to where I'd like it to be

  34. Question for you because I am almost debt free on my journey, and you shouldn’t own more than half your annual income in cars as a simply rule of thumb. So I ask you, what car do you have, and what do you want, as I’ve recently gotten 3 trade in quotes on my car I bought in 2020 slightly used and I’m about to make some money on it. About $5k in profit actually. So I’m wondering if you need to shop it to other dealers and tell them “well they offered me 32k, are you gonna come up?” Maybe they offer 31k, get it in writing and go back to the place that offered you 30k and tell them to come up if they have the trade you want.

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