1. I'm not familiar with the SSC 23 syllabus, but even if you are a "bad" student and continue to study for 14 hours every day for 3 months straight, yes you will get GPA 5, sir. However, don't act like a fool and do that. Studying for 14 hours a day is not necessary or worthwhile. Divide your time perfectly. 

  2. Lmfao, I was wondering the other day, "Where the hell did Tibu go?"

  3. Bro. Vpn chara app cholteche na keno? Ban kore diche naki?

  4. Your ISP probably blocked it. Use it will fix the issue.

  5. The food should be warm otherwise I'll call customer support 😏

  6. Don't worry, DSA packed foods are always warm and fresh.

  7. NK is clean and pretty. They developed a system where everyone has just enough(just above starvation level). But freedom of speech is like BD.

  8. I want a poster for the sub which is similar to the wall painting of New Model Bohumukhi College in Dhaka where it depicts Language Movement, '71 and famous Bengali personalities.

  9. why is your first instinct to write about women’s clothing here? Isn’t there enough controversial things in the country other than what women should wear or not? And it’s sooooo annoying that you always suggest that women get raped because of what they are wearing!!! omggg stop it already…Burqa pora females der o rape hoy, shishuder o rape hoy, bura mohilader o rape hoy! So please stop with this bullshit. Women in other countries are wearing whatever they want to, how many are getting raped there? Men don’t even look at a woman who is passing them wearing shorts, in those countries they feel safe and why not in our country? because of men like you who judge them, look at them in a perverted way. Women will never be liberated in our country as majority of people be it men or older women have views like this. Maybe two or generations from now hopefully when all our generations and previous generations are gone! It’s sickening

  10. You are responding to Sultan Hamid's alternate account; he won't respond, lol. And I don't think this guy will ever understand whatever you say.

  11. Can't afford. In addition, where I reside, mental health is severely stigmatised and not taken seriously at all. It makes me really upset.

  12. Guys, OP is not the original creator. He is just

  13. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that op is a repost bot.

  14. Guys, Op is not the real creator of this image. He is just reposting. Original

  15. Aah yeah, another repost bot. Here is the original

  16. The problem is, the folks over on facebook are using this as an valid argument to discredit and fully oppose the Iranian uprising and spread further hate against those women. Bangladesh is fucked really.

  17. I don't believe this is real. Do you have a reliable source for this image, Op?

  18. Yes, it is real. Good thing is, People are criticising this on FB.

  19. If it's true what you are saying, then this is a beyond wtf moment.

  20. There are millions of reasons why people might want to leave bd. Here are some:

  21. Man, you really said it well. The terrible educational system and the rise in religious extremism are my biggest reasons. These things really push me to leave this nation.

  22. Whatever mothers do, they do it for the welfare of their children. So stop whining and study harder for HSC.

  23. Don't take him seriously. That guy is a well-known troll around here.

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