1. Make sure your display is set to 144hz in display properties

  2. turning off g-sync and making my external monitor the main display fixed it. Thanks for the input!

  3. both in game settings and control panel. Every video and forum I have seen has said to turn it off, so that was one of the first things I did.

  4. Most people also sleep in a similar position

  5. Wait for your ticket to be answered, however in the meantime, I doubt your 'progress and purchases' would be wiped for no reason. If you got 'Log in failure, Log in elsewhere' relaunch your game, as someone may have logged into your account and queued, meaning your account may have been computerized. Thus causing the UI glitch as someone else is queued in 'your' game. (Change your password)

  6. I only have an account on PS4 so I'm confused as to what to do. A friend of mine had my PS4 account linked with his epic games log in but it was unlinked. So im confused as to why all my data is now gone.

  7. add me @ImpeachNixon, lets get those W's

  8. I went to that school before Katrina!! Congrats on your wins!

  9. yes sir. Lived in the Parish all my life up until Katrina.

  10. where'd you order them from??

  11. is this at Paintball Command??

  12. Support Brother Martin High School 3 Time Louisiana State Champions Go Crusaders!

  13. That's not the worst of it. My house was picked up off its foundation and moved into the middle of the street.

  14. the gun looks abnormally small, or you sir, have huge hands.

  15. Where can you buy these? Any particular website?

  16. Paintballer and Wrestler? Perfection.

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