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  1. Wow, I always knew the government gave some of the least desirable land up for the reservations, but sharing a border with Scottsdale Arizona???

  2. You joke but it's actually one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the US.

  3. Hmmm somehow I don't think living next to a suburban hellscape would appeal to people who had their land stolen from them...

  4. You have a very shallow understanding of what life on reservations are like.

  5. My wife and I have an a6000 with its two kit lenses (I’m not sure exactly the focal lengths but they’re pretty standard I assume). I also have a Nikon d7500 and a few lenses, mostly used for shooting business events and occasionally some graduation photos. I’ve decided to switch over to Sony, but I’m wondering what lens to get first. I’d like to get a lens that’s more suited for portraits, while also keeping the door open to upgrade to full frame in the future. With my Nikon I mainly used a sigma 17-50mm 2.8 and a 35mm 1.8. Any recommendations?

  6. What are you looking to shoot? I had the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and absolutely loved it. If you prefer zooms then what the other guy said, the 16-55 2.8 will cover most general things.

  7. So I got the A7IV kit with an extra battery, what are some recommendations for a charge that will charge two Sony NPFZ100 batteries at the same time, at the same speed as in-camera charging or even faster if possible

  8. There's tons of chargers on Amazon. Just pick any random one. Charging time should be all roughly the same. And the solution isn't really to have the fastest charger. You're better off investing in 2 more batteries. Then you literally just swap the two you have with you with the two in the charger. So you are grabbing 100% charged batteries every time you go out.

  9. We're hosting and my wife has been cooking since yesterday. This morning my sister in law called and said our niece (her daughter) is sick and they won't be coming. Then later that day she decided that her daughter is "only a little bit sick" so maybe they were going to come after all. We told her that being a little bit sick is not a thing, you're either contagious or you're not, and she then accused us of not wanting to spend time with her and her and my wife got into a shouting match over the phone. Now about a half hour ago we found out that my father in law isn't coming, partly because hes getting over some long COVID issues and partly because his girlfriend didn't come over to his place last night and he's pissed at her. So now the only people eating with us are my wife's other sister and her boyfriend, who had a Thanksgiving earlier today that apparently didn't go well and they just want to get home. So they'll probably leave shortly after we eat. We have a whole turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, 2 pies, a banana cream dessert and plenty of drinks for 4 people.

  10. Friendsgiving. Invite a bunch of people you like for lunch tomorrow. Today is just Thursday. Tomorrow is your celebration. Nothing is ruined. Just delayed.

  11. I just started watching youtube shorts for the first time. Like half of what is in my feed is Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro. I subscribe to none of them. Nothing I subscribe to is conservative.

  12. Matched with a girl but sadly she was in town temporarily but lived 2-3 hours away. We kept in touch. Occasionally talked (story replies on insta and such). She moved back to town. I asked if she finally wanted to get that drink. She said yes. Sounded excited. Talked the day before. Everything from her sounded super great. 4 hours before the date I confirm the time/location. Blocked.

  13. I played without caring about the battlepass in the first place. So I am... wait for it... playing the game. A shocker.

  14. You may be slightly further in front of the bar and have a more rounded upper back than optimal. Like your hips probably have the strength to lock up easily during that last 25% but your upper back is struggling to catch up since it's a bit more out of position.

  15. I so hope that people won't abuse this system. There are people who call 911 dozens of time per year over nothing. EMT's will roll their eyes when they see what address they're going to.

  16. In the mid to late 90s, Keanu Reeves was basically synonymous with bad acting, at least as far as late-night comedians were concerned. He was an easy punchline when you wanted to make fun of someone for being a lousy actor.

  17. That doesn't even excuse it. Like even in the 90's he was a fun, nice guy. To basically wish he was dead instead of someone else is still insane. If he had chosen someone who is an absolutely horrible human being on top of a mediocre actor (pick your poison, I'll go with Steven Seagull) then people probably wouldn't have blinked. But this is the equivalent of "you should have died instead of your brother" trope to someone who is a perfectly decent human being.

  18. That's a standing pin press and not a strict press though? I mean still super impressive but if you're not doing an actual unrack before the press it's a different lift.

  19. I use both. My typical workflow is run through Denoise then Sharpen. Sometimes I'll stop with Denoise, but not often. Sharpen helps take out the motion or focus blur.

  20. Do you do strict Denoise in Denoise AI first or do you do some sharpening there too before moving to sharpen AI?

  21. Ok are we really defending the logic that a janitor should be a millionaire because there is a lot of money made in the building he cleans?

  22. If you aren't able to kill a tank in under 5 seconds then you should be focusing the supports or punishing DPS. Way too often do people tunnel vision on the tank that is getting double pocket healed.

  23. Elon is an idiot but the guy is also a bit of an idiot if the priority is to keep your job. I've had some absolutely moronic bosses, but I would never call them out publicly. As a way to get fired and collect unemployment before moving on to a different job while delivering a final "fuck you?", then it's a great move.

  24. Slack gets taken out. But it looks like you pulled yourself down in a kind of relaxed way? Like you're not creating tightness when you pull yourself into the start position. Try doing the EXACT same approach to a 90% 1RM but with 1 plate on the bar. You should actually end up lifting the bar up and almost falling backwards just getting yourself into position, before you start the actual pull. I think Dave tate has some good videos that demonstrate it. Usually you see it more with sumo deadlift but you're not just pulling the slack out of the bar, you're pulling yourself into a tight, loaded position.

  25. People are overly obsessed with skins as if its the central part of the game. Gameplay is barely discussed in comparison.

  26. Marvel is so blatantly lazy when it comes to power/technology. Wakanda was introduced as this bastion of technology, hundreds of years ahead of anyone else on earth. Yet somehow with every new movie where we get a glimpse of Wakanda it seems like they're... regressing? Ok I get that spears are cool and you honor tradition but... the final fight was literally the most advanced civilization on earth fighting on a rift with sticks. Against another civilization that also only fights with sticks, animals, and water balloons. The... Notatlantisforsomereason has giant buildings made out of vibranium at the bottom of the ocean, yet somehow they seem to use technology from 3000 years ago?

  27. The Wakandans haven't fought anyone for probably 3,000 years or more. Not sure how old Wakanda post-meteorite is supposed to be. They've never had to worry about strategy or tactics or anything else.

  28. Wakandans don't live in a bubble though. They have access to the entire outside world. They've sent spies to many countries. They know how guns work. They know how every type of weapon works. They know world history. I haven't fought in a war. I know I'm not going to bring a spear if I have other things available. Regardless of how sharp the spear is. The Atlantians built an entire city out of vibranium. Their structures are gigantic and complicated. They have to have some kind of access to technology. But they're still doing basket weaving and living the same life as if they've never advanced.

  29. It took me about 2 years to figure out torb has a right click

  30. Ok but then cross reference that with the number of people you find attractive. Of the 1% that find you attractive, how many people do you find attractive? And of those, how many exist within a few degrees of separation or geographic proximity?

  31. Her situational awareness is literally lower than every other support. She has no utility to need to time, and the entire reason she gets played at low ranks is because she has a get out of jail free card on a low cooldown.

  32. I disagree. Situational awareness and resource management I'd argue is higher. I don't even get your "no utility to time" point. Fading at the wrong time is the difference between losing your position/escape/getting closer to an ally that suddenly needs. Not having an orb available at a key moment is can be the difference between killing 2 enemies or saving 2 allies. Other supports are about reacting. Moira has to be both reactive and proactive.

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