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  1. dudeee that’ll be so slick if you can get it to be a bit smoother

  2. I thought they made her rotate faster but she seems to be just as slow as before

  3. i think she did rotate faster, but stopped rotating almost immediately cuz she starts hitting velkoz

  4. missing out on that guinsoos is pretty sad, but i am here to say that i’m pretty sure best items on ashe reroll are lw, runaans, deathblade. you kill them extremely fast with those items. rng can be an awful thing sometimes tho

  5. I feel like that fiddle did a LOT of damage for a 1 star fiddle with no damage items lol

  6. it’s because it went to overtime. you get gobs of ability power in overtime, and his mascot team stalled so long that fiddle didn’t even get targeted until the overtime counter started.

  7. What is the bug? Guessing it makes infinite items or something?

  8. i think it just makes all the possible items, which is nine

  9. dude you’re clean with it! a note for videos in the future if you decide to make an edit: staring into the camera like that can be pretty distracting for the viewer. when you look at the cards, it’s a lot easier to see how good you are. keep it up!

  10. if i remember correctly, every boot you get increases your size. you musta gotta lotta boots

  11. i reckon a 3 star 3 cost should be better than a couple 3 star 1 costs. however i think leona is also doing some heavy lifting here. she is deleting what appears to be 3 units from your team. makes jax look better than he might actually be

  12. i think you should listen to him. play zoe with bb, morello and a decent frontline. you winstreak easy

  13. theres really no reason to diamond hands the idas the unit is already unkillable

  14. true, diamond hands on zoe with the champions crown is probably best so she doesn’t accidentally get one shot before idas goes off

  15. Oh yeah, why does that happen?

  16. look up precordial catch syndrome. i think it might be what most in this thread are relating to

  17. Did you know if you click a far distance away and spam E, your pathing doesn’t cancel after the E cast… you can just spam it every time it’s up and cass will continue walking her original path.

  18. i remember the time before you could that. i forget when they changed it to make it simpler like it is now, but before they did it i think cass was easily one of the highest apm champs when played correctly. not even perfectly. just correctly. i enjoyed the challenge lol

  19. Sick. Dunno why the skins don't even have a kill sound in the first place

  20. My husband and I went to a Tom Petty concert at the last minute only being able to get tickets for the cheap seats. Right before the concert starts somebody approaches us and says ‘do you want to get bumped up’ and I said sure because there can’t be any worse seats than this and he says ‘ I am with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and these are front row seats’. He hands them to me and disappears. My husband and I looked at each other, walk to the front section security guard, showed him our tickets and he walked us to front row center seats and we enjoyed a really great concert.

  21. i’ve heard that happens regularly! i’m not sure if it’s just for Tom Petty or if it’s based off the artist, but i’ve heard they sometimes hold a majority off the front row tickets until right before the show starts so that the front row is full of fans who actually want to be there instead of people who just happen to have the money to be in the front row

  22. Ok. Serious question here, I used to be pretty good, -3 handicap. Then university happened. And girlfriends happened. The s fiancé happened. Then a wife happened. Then kids happened. Suddenly 30 years later, I SUCK. Like really bad. Like 15 handicap (on a good day). I get so mad and frustrated because I used to be able to crush it. And I go out with friends that just picked up the game a few years ago and are at least as good, maybe better than me. Ahhhhhhh, f*ck. It drives me crazy. I k ow what I have to do, but a can’t do it. It is so frustrating. That’s not even the word for it. Sometimes in my round I want to cry. I k ow it sounds childish and ridiculous but I used to be good, now I suck. And I don’t know how to deal with it.

  23. take this with a grain of salt because i’ve never been great and i’m a young whipper snapper still, but have you gotten lessons recently? it could be that your pre-life events swing was made for a limber body and you now need to swing a different swing. but you’re stuck trying to swing like you used to. i know tiger woods had to change his swing when he had spinal fusion because he couldn’t physically separate his hips from his upper body anymore. maybe you just need a tweak in technique

  24. We can't comment on personal anecdotes / isolated events without resorting to speculation which we always try to avoid.

  25. That makes sense, but is disappointing. Thank you!

  26. two that i know of for sure that are probably linked somehow are jade statues and nomsy. when you fight a ghost with either of those, their health goes down to like 100 or something minuscule

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