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  1. everyone who voted for "lust" is single and has never touched a woman irl

  2. you're not "making" a client if you're skidding

  3. bro thank you, at least keep it online, no need for updates.

  4. send what, there is no sources

  5. bro, the github links are banned, the links are banned, the source is not a thing now

  6. The sigma client servers are dead bc leaked pvp had to shut them down for a while. I think that there is a chance sigma will come back bc the jello client background itsnt laggy anymore for some people.

  7. i hope but don't believe that sigma will come back.

  8. Hey Stalin, mind if I invest in some mili- I mean civilian infrastructure?

  9. do you not know how to reply on reddit

  10. that man has seen everything

  11. are you retarded or are you retarded, you're talking to op, not me, i've bough sigma long time ago and i am proud of it, great client

  12. i don't even know what that is, i was observing random countires then germany did this

  13. another one who doesn't know how to screenshot

  14. use packet client, is a free client is also ez to use only 1.18.12 i think yeah, and the best server to hack on is mineplex they got the worst anticheat (worse than hypixel's) lifebot also has shit one

  15. packet clients is shit, i used it, the devs don't care that much to impove it

  16. Luckily as far as I know bedrock clients are mostly free. Mineplex is definitely the most easy to hack on but you’ll run into a lot of other hackers too. But if you use horion and set the disabler correctly, you can also hack on cubecraft or lifeboat without being detected. But make sure not to be too obvious or you will still be banned

  17. last time i used hacks on bedrock i used horion, thanks, i guess nothing changed

  18. what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "future client crack"

  19. made a tiktok of it bigrat.monster fuck you it’s funny😁👍

  20. communist china steals your data, well done!

  21. there is no reason to pay for a client on 1.19.2 just use meteor client(free) if you want to stream while cheating buy dream client if you want to just cheat on 1.8.9 use raven client(free)

  22. More clients should, it looks much nicer.

  23. "they" dude you know women don't use this subreddit, it's always a he.

  24. injector is made in c++ , everything else is made in java

  25. oh wow i didn't know that, thanks

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