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  1. "We need to bulk this section up. Just write a full on lineage, I'm talking like 50 dudes. Make it a couple pages. That oughta take up enough room."

  2. I like that in Matthew and Luke they go to the trouble of spelling out Jesus’ genealogy … on Joseph’s side. You know, that guy who was famously not Jesus’ biological father.

  3. don’t forget package sizes are shrinking at the same time too!

  4. Yeah inflation at 18% and shrinkflation at 18% and companies using 18% shittier ingredients … then you’re getting closer to the reality of what’s happening.

  5. Some people buy jeans and some people buy jeans with holes in the. It’s a preference.

  6. Then you’ve got the Balenciaga acoustic which is just some wire glued to driftwood.

  7. I'd say we were in dial-up last year, and we're at 56k right now.

  8. you‘re not gonna dodge a grenade launcher if you don‘t duck while anothee dude is shouting he‘s firing

  9. I love the optimism in the clip - “it says I’m wounded”

  10. And considering that’s used for general surgery sedation under the constant watch of an anesthesiologist with a ventilator hooked up, I’d agree with gross misconduct

  11. He was smashing general anaesthetics recreationally? Hardcore.

  12. Snakes make great pets. They are low maintenance and most popular pet species are very docile. Irresponsible people shouldn’t have pets, this is a bad snake owner just like there are bad dog or cat owners.

  13. Snakes are excellent pets, you get some violent motherfuckers though.

  14. Surviving the initial blast seems like a bad idea in these clips. Sheesh.

  15. He has made this movie...and his martial arts is absolute magic

  16. Steven Segal shows how to fight off roll multiple opponents cooperative joggers.

  17. I do plastic bags too, have done ever since I saw a cat get stuck in one and have a rough ride.

  18. Fighter jet: "Hi, I can pull 9 g for short periods if my pilot doesn't black out."

  19. 🎶 I take two and a half thousand steps down, I take 2 steps back. We come together ‘cause opposites attract 🎶

  20. Oh wow I see them harassing birds of prey all the time, I’ve never seen it kick off though. I had no idea they go for them when they zap a different species of bird.

  21. He has secret service protection for life as a former president. So it’s a unique situation where they’ll allow him to be turned over. That’s in reality the biggest obstacle.

  22. Try limericks! Can’t wait to try them on gpt4

  23. Wait wait the site complains that the left uses “woke” and the left “claims to be woke”??

  24. Like SJW, PC, tree hugger etc before it, conservatives dogpiled woke and twisted it into a slur they could wield against anyone they perceive to have empathy.

  25. Future of advertisements: corporations paying homeowners to put up ugly banners in front of their house.

  26. Real estate agents paying people to put up fake for sale signs to get some name recognition seems like a pretty cheap and easy way to drum up business.

  27. Doesnt matter phrasing it this way throws shade on the RU military by gesturing that it was an act of incompetence rather than skillful intent

  28. “I know you didn’t mean to take it down, if you’d meant to take it down it would still be in the air”

  29. The guy in white who snuck around the crowd and knocked out the first dude needs to be highlighted as a bitch like the dude who.kicked the downed guy

  30. Yeah he doesn’t give a fuck when the other guy gets KOed either, he just wanted to hurt someone, saw an opportunity and took it.

  31. Oh so he can just bring lady 2 into the fold and have 3 incomes.

  32. That would've been a great duo, Jackie and Ke Huy Quan!

  33. In another life, I would have liked just doing laundry and fighting henchmen with stepladders with you.

  34. Also lol at him straight-up saying that communicating with people is hard on twitter. Rather than take fault he's gonna blame the platform he bought and runs for being hard to use.

  35. “Well boys, it’s clear the programming stack is all fucked up, we need another rewrite.”

  36. Even the drink one.. iirc, that is required in the state of Washington. I want to say a law was passed for that in the last .. two, or three years maybe? But i've not even looked at the specifics of it, i drink anyway lol.

  37. Where I live it’s not law, but if you get in an accident and we’re eating or drinking they’ll slap you around for distracted driving.

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