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  1. For the 07-08 you can ABSOLUTELY do a 3x3 drain and fill. In fact, I recommend it. Drain 3.3qt x 3 over a short duration. You're effectively diluting the entire capacity of fluid and diluting old into new. Use OEM DW-1 fluid, don't do any pressurized flushes. You'll be perfectly fine on these.

  2. Nice, just had my front bumper repaired, Aspec skirts and front lip. Post up how it turns out

  3. My aspec skirts are sitting in primer in my living room. If the weather was warmer and I could evacuate all the overspray without losing all my heat I'd do them too, but can't. Got a warm spurt coming up (also coming with rain) so I'll have only a short period to spray base/clear. 🥹

  4. I hear ya, mine have been sitting In my basement waiting for it to warm up. Hoping soon now that spring is here. Def post up completed pics when possible.

  5. Today is a nice warm day to spray but it's my son's bday. I'll probably finish blocking tonight, spray sealer wet on wet tomorrow and hit it with base/clear.

  6. Helicopter Weapons/Explosive technician. Let’s put some warheads on for heads.

  7. until last october i made munitions for a large firearm manufacturer on the weekends. was a good gig until they started getting greedy.

  8. That one's getting better. Many pharmacies are reserving them for existing patients because so many people are having to pharmacy hop because of shortages. Thankfully, my wife sets mine aside. 🤣

  9. OEM will have enkei stamped on the inside spoke

  10. They’ll nominate you for the me harm bot, too!

  11. I've had several of those messages. 🤣

  12. I normally avoid clicking on ads in articles. Avoid it like the plague. But I purposely clicked every ad in that article just so that they know this is the type of content that drives clicks.

  13. Some people are going to go missing, some will jump off their own balconies, some will have heart attacks...

  14. I don't think they've worn work boots a day in their miserable lives. Give them a one time $600 check. They'll be fine.

  15. Engine has 160k as is... TL's easily go 500k. Wouldn't sweat it.

  16. Looks like you may have a bad Oxygen Sensor by the Cat Converter as well (Bank 2)

  17. Don't change the AFR sensor. It's doing what it should and informing you the mixture is running lean. Don't throw parts at problems.

  18. Right, and if it failed and starts showing erratic readings because it no longer successfully read the mixture, that can also cause random misfires codes, as well as the lean code. Unless there's damage to the 02 connector or wire.

  19. There are other codes for erratic behavior such as "stuck lean" or high/low voltage if it were dead or lazy switching. The 2000 page factory service manual says nothing about suspecting the AFR sensor for p0194. Only to check fuel pressure, reset the PCM, update the PCM, and monitor long term fuel trims. Most common cause of this lean code is valves needing adjustment. Intake valves on Hondas tend to run too loose and exhaust too tight over time. Intake valves are either staying open too long or the exhaust valves are closing too early causing ignition mixture ratios to be off.

  20. Gurgling is the EGR valve. Take intake apart and clean runners and EGR ports. Do a valve adjustment too.

  21. Probably not. Personally I still think we have another year or two to go before we see any huge jumps up. Eventually it will happen but not this month.

  22. Time series analysis and complexity says otherwise. Statistical probabilities are lying around the $40-$50 range this spring so it will be comparable to last April's high. The 2 year chart is only beginning. Depending on volume, it could easily lead to another sneeze if not full blown MOASS by June/July if the right price levels break.

  23. We're in the cycle trough. When volume returns it's going to hit like a freight train.

  24. But still who profits of the 1.2 billion ? And the people who got caught up in it and lost their arse don't get back nothing ..lol it still a big ponzi scheme.....

  25. Nobody pointed out the fact that the ponzi scheme was $7 billion and the punishment was not even 1/4 of the total damages. 🤣

  26. It's called continuous net settlement for a reason. As long as the math says they can settle and continuously roll their obligations to a later date, risk mitigation systems okay it. If the shares are there, they're there.

  27. I must be regarded or something but doesn’t dismayed mean excited to buy more?

  28. I laughed when I saw this article, pushed as some sort of "important news!!".

  29. We usually see 5% daily swings... Why would 5% in a week phase me? Let alone institutions who have way more skin in it than I'm able to have?

  30. It's funny how some people think they can predict the stock market.

  31. It's fair to say conventional technical analysis simply doesn't work for GME because nobody understands recursion, graph plotting, NxN grids, etc. Those logarithmic EMA's resolve time complexity for much larger periods. GME is so far out of proportion with historical trend, algorithms are basing price levels dating back a decade or more. Essentially drawing a straight line from pre-sneeze to now - which is at a steep slant. TA doesn't work because people are looking at the charts from right to left when the price levels are actually diagonal. There's a margin of error you can calculate out of the equation to make price levels proportional by knowing which log EMA'S are being touched.

  32. I did 4 years myself and outside of the IRR date as well. Jokes on them.

  33. I'm so screwed at this point if they did. I'm 33 and don't feel a day over 60. 🥹

  34. Omg these tyrants removed this... Is mo-ass really a no-no word?

  35. op, I posted this meme on my Twitter and my followers are asking if you have a Twitter handle and if you do, if you would share it with me so I can get more ape followers to your Twitter acct

  36. I do, but I'm not very active. It's @gmetard

  37. I'm gonna post your memes on your behalf and drop your handle in the tweets

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