1. You say in the post you want to “come across” as friendly and happy. That’s your first challenge - actually being friendly and happy :) you can’t pretend.

  2. I started at $45k and then got around $48k after a few years. After 3 total years, moved companies to get $85k and then moved again after 2 more years for $120k. This all in the span of about 6-7 years. Just learn, be smart and have fun. :)

  3. I also tried to watch it and couldn’t get into it. Going to try again.

  4. It’s so so good. It gets amazing as you keep watching because the characters are truly horrid people. Similar to this show, you’ll be waiting for confrontations to go down and they don’t often go the way you think. Halfway into S1 you’ll be hooked.

  5. I think the best stuff comes to you when it comes to you, so the answer is whatever comes to you in that moment write it down or record it. Then when you sit down, you can work stuff out. I think there’s too much pressure sometimes when you are just sitting there “trying” to write. But, sometimes it works great! I personally find that “finishing” when I sit down is better and easier because I have a backlog of stuff to start with :)

  6. Syd. Sid. Viscious. You hit me with a flower. Lou Reed. Read. Books. Paper. Trees. Water. River. Endless River. Pink Floyd.

  7. I think OP should look at OBC a few more times.

  8. If you took away Gilmour’s production on the album it would be The Final Cut. every single from the album has Gilmour’s writing or musical style with it.

  9. Yes! Totally. For getting that “vibe”, endless river is actually a great ambient album. Like, it is what it is lol. But still lovely and beautiful!

  10. Manage your expectations and try to appreciate it for what it is. Mostly ambient album from that similar era. But, it’s cool!

  11. I absolutely adore in between days, and I think it’s an amazing song, but I do feel like it’s hard to argue it being better than just like heaven. It’s almost like a precursor in a way.

  12. I wasn’t thinking exactly this, but when I was watching the Elton John live concert on Disney+ yesterday I was thinking that his piano playing is just so distinctive and you can hear it across so many of his songs. There’s a little bit more of that in other songs from that era, like Roy Bittan from the E Street Band. But nothing quite like his playing, singing, songwriting together. It’s truly masterful and so unique.

  13. Probably not, but they do all have a gay creator, writer, producer, and director. So I’d assume representation is important to Mr. White :)

  14. Everyone has to start somewhere. I would not lie, but try to tell the “best truth” you can to help get it. Everyone embellishes things a little bit, but it sounds like you actually know what you’re doing and I would not let that stop you. If you’ve led teams and projects, then try to answer questions where you are providing experience leading them, you know? Also make that come across as a priority for why you want this position, that you’re excited about leading teams and projects. Explain why, and show your enthusiasm because it’s important that they see you can do it. And ask a lot of questions of course! About all things company, role and specific team! :)

  15. That's really good advice, thank you! You have given me a new perspective I can put into my arsenal. I will include that in my prep as well (using my past experience leading projects/teams and that has generated an enthusiasm for why I want this position). Well done.

  16. Literally all the albums he’s on. He’s great on everything. But his solo work is really cool and different, too. Really makes you appreciate him more and you hear more of him within RHCP when you hear him in isolation.

  17. comes late to the party, shits on master works of art, thinks they’re some sort of critic. gross.

  18. I mean, if you haven't listened to the entire disintegration album, the one that that song is from, you'll probably find more that you like. They aren't all that dark on that album, but some, if not most are. Another darker album is Pornography, although I haven't seemed to be able to get super into that one myself. I like a lot of the B-sides/Rarities, Wish, and a few songs from Wild Mood Swings that I recently discovered, Numb, Bare, Jupiter Crash, etc. I still have a lot to explore myself lol

  19. I love Seventeen Seconds and Faith far more than pornography. Highly reccomend both!

  20. Interesting opinion. I think they’re okay but the production isn’t great, the drum sound is too airy, there aren’t many disintegration/pornography-esque synths, and the vocals are too quiet. They’re still okay albums

  21. I don’t disagree, just really like them. This was more of a response to above comment than your initial question.

  22. I’ll offer my perspective as someone who was in agencies for about six years before recently switching to client side. As a few other people said, unfortunately the reality is that the way that agencies work is to maximize profit and to load people up with basically as much of a workload as they can. If you’re underworked they will throw you more projects, and if you’re overworked…. then you’ll still be throwing more projects haha.

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