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  1. Hahah I snapped a pic of that one a few weeks back and have been using it as an emoji for responses that fit hahahahh

  2. Extractors are like taps both hardened, meaning they be quite brittle, a punch and a hammer will pulverize the extractor, you can either then try another extractor lol, or just drill the bolt out with the tap drill size and retap. It happens, this way corrects the fudge factory you find yourself in today

  3. Strongsville is West of W130 so if anything it's west imo. I feel south cleveland would be all the suburbs along 77.

  4. Which 77 pretty much follows in Cuyahoga County.

  5. Man shoulda kept the game in buffalo, that way josh Allen wouldn’t be able to throw for 600+ yards on us and Chubb could just high step thru the drifts 😂🤣😂

  6. Lol I’ve been praying for CLE to get dumped on, wanna test out these new tires hahah

  7. This could get fun. We need the local snow plow drivers to rally the troops. They can run a dozen in a line down I-90, clearing through the feet of snow as lead blockers, as the Bills buses follow behind. It would be a scene out of a movie as they finally escape the lake effect snow, and the plows can pull off to the side to wave the Bills off to Detroit, and on to victory.

  8. No snow in Cleveland, they literally just have to make it past Ashtabula and they’d be fine, no idea why they wouldn’t just move game to first energy

  9. Shoulda just kept the game in buffalo, Lake Erie alliance, we’re used to this shit. So josh Allen can’t throw for 600+ yards against the brownies… Chunt can still run tho

  10. The state of this sub for several years, thought this shit was for animals, not manufacturing QA claims…

  11. For sure they feel good so far, now just waiting for some snow hahah

  12. Haha hell yeh, Doritos Locos Fiery Edition

  13. Hahah I gave ya an upvote man, peeps be dumb, dudes impression of his old lady is priceless, why you get downvote for that? That being said, stoked to join the downvote club ;)

  14. I usually just use a speed sqaure and mark the angle with a soapstone.

  15. Tri-square, dykem blue, scribe and a lil bit of trig, well mostly trig… fuck the matrix

  16. Hahah right, leftside second from bottom is live action gaara from his flashbacks

  17. It’s like spamming the a button on the game boy to “assure” you caught that dratini in the safari zone

  18. Ok, I get that but there’s something I’m confused about something.

  19. Wait what??? You had a shit ton of dratini today too? My gf and I thought it was so weird, we chalked it up to the weather outside being windy. I think the wind has something to do with dragon types cuz it seems to be the only time I get dragon spawns from time to time

  20. I’ll never understand why Dratini & Dragonair are a cool pink color and Dragonite is an ugly green just like almost every other shiny Pokémon.

  21. Lol I was gonna ask about a Cleveland exhaust shop

  22. I always just look at the gap between the fender flare and the start of the bed, if the flare is damn near up the ass of the cab, it’s shorty

  23. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are better when you mix the peanut butter and jelly into a homogenous mixture before applying to the bread

  24. I just ordered my blizzaks. Interested to know what kind of sandbag weight is ideal?? I drive in snow often so looking for the best possible set up.

  25. So I look at it this way, an suv has more weight in back than a pickup and don’t typically have the dream of being a performer in the ice capades like a pickup does, so comparing the curb weight of suv most similar to said pickup seems like a place to start, a 4Runner and a Tacoma are close enough for this situation, max stock wt google gives me for taco is 4550 lbs, max stock wt google gives me for 4Runner is 4805, so 250lbs, 3-4 seventy pound sand bags are most likely plenty if my logic makes sense

  26. Where is this? I mean like an address. Is there parking nearby?

  27. I save all my great potentials. It’s a good grab.

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