1. Meh, was expecting something for Bucky, seems like they don’t know how to use the little hype of a new character to exploit it.

  2. Elemental Hero on its own is bad so you're going to wanna go and do a Hero deck what includes, Elemental, Evil and Destiny Heroes. Will warn its expensive as it has many UR cards. Its a solid deck and i used it for months before i moved on to something else.

  3. Because its not that simple and GTA V's open world does way more then Spidey's fairly static open world.

  4. Way more reflections and much MUCH better graphics in spiderman. GTA5 is a ps3 game ported to ps4 ported to ps5.

  5. Yeah but the world is static, the pedatrations and cars don't do much beyond follow a set route. There's no chaos or anything or random events that can happen while you can walk around in GTA V not doing anything yourself and you will see all kinds of unscripted shit happen plus you have all that OTT R* detail. Yes Spider-Man looks better but so what? San Andreas was a fairly ugly game even by PS2 standards yet it was doing more then any other PS2 game or game in general and the pushed the console to its limits. Spider-Man's open world works for SM but due to the nature of the game it doesn't need this big very in depth world where anything and everything can and will happen, you know even by todays standards GTA V's open world is still leagues ahead most of them, i mean look at Cyberpunk that game still can't do half the shit GTA V was doing as a basic thing.

  6. Using the power stone for that punch did more damage to his hand than her face. Thanos will lose his arm or more if he uses a stronger attack.

  7. I mean if a punch hurt his hand, a stronger attack will injure him more. When we see her after this, her face was completely fine.

  8. Pretty sure she had a black eye(?) at Stark's funeral. That blast never hurt him, he didn't need to use a full power blast because as soon as she's gone he can then snap and if not for Stark it would have worked.

  9. No one calls PS games walking sims, not once have i ever seen Horizon, Ghost or God of War and Spider-Man referred to as walking sims.

  10. I'm not part of that one but i'm on the Xbox subreddit and don't really see comments like that. Sure there's the usual fanboy circlejerks but its not like the PS subs don't have that.

  11. There's banter and then there's banter while being an asshole. Banter is between Hammond, May, and Clarkson; Cowell was asshole bantering.

  12. There's also banter between people where they know the limits or what each other can take and clearly Cowell knew Clarkson could take it.

  13. What do you mean? You don't copy them you move them, if i move a PS5 game over to my external its no longer on my internal anymore as its been moved.

  14. I'm pretty sure the killing curse could kill Kratos but Kratos is very fast and has very fast reflexes so hitting him with it could pose a challenge. Voldy has human durability so he will properly be dead after the first killing curse misses because Kratos counter attack will be a killing attack.

  15. Kratos couldn’t be killed by the physical embodiment of death and later on killed him (Thanatos)

  16. Yeah but that's Greek Kratos, Norse Kratos plays by a different set of rules and he admits he can die as he's very accepting of the supposed prophecy of his death, he even admits Freya may be kill him as well. All the magic, haxes and godly power he had in Greece is more or less gone. I'm sure Greek Kratos could resist it but Norse Kratos i think would be killed.

  17. Good. Making this many fucking shows be essential viewing rather then movies was a horrific idea but nobody wanted to listen to that back in 2019. This is anecdotal but my sister, in law, and some of my friends all checked out of marvel as soon as they started making all these shows. They still watch stuff like NWH or Wakanda Forever though.

  18. My Mum loves the MCU but she hasn't really followed the TV stuff apart from Loki, its pretty much a case off she loves the watching the films but doesn't want to watch a 6-10 episode show on them. So we watched the new Doctor Strange as she really likes his character and the first film however she never watched WandaVision apart from the first episode what she didn't like, safe to say she was very confused with Wanda and it led to me having to pause the film and explain everything about WandaVision.

  19. GoW is and always has been for trench coat wearing incels.

  20. Huh? That doesn’t even make any sense. 😂 This is the Pokémon sub and I’m not a troll just a Pokémon fan. And somebody who think GoW is a garbage tier game based on other garbage tier games.

  21. It makes complete sense but i see intelligence isn't your strongest suit.

  22. It’s likely a numbers game. If they detect your account encountering an abnormally high number of these raids, you’re going to get banned because the assumption will be that you’re causing it or are willingly joining. If you are encountering like 1-2 then you’re fine.

  23. Considering kids could join them without knowing i doubt it. The only people they're after are the ones hosting and hacking, players who get hacked PM in trades or join hacked raids are safe.

  24. So you get the name wrong and call Peter and Gale incels for some reason.

  25. Still can’t get a quaxly it’s been 3 days someone please help

  26. I was lucky and got mine in a suprise trade after days of trying the code way.

  27. Funny considering the US is always trying to do US versions of British comedy shows.

  28. I mean if she's bloodlusted she's going to kill them at some point, Panther would hold out the longest in R2 because of the suit but it can be overloaded and if she's in a bloodlusted kill everyone mood she would most likely overload it and get through. She may not be her cousin but she's still far stronger and more durable then most things in the MCU.

  29. Cory Barlog says all kinds of shit about how strong the gods/titans are. My personal favorite was that they’re beyond time and space lol.

  30. I get Cory loves the series and is passionate about them but jesus christ he comes up with such bull even stuff that doesn't go with what the games say. Take Ragnarok for instance its made very clear the Norse Gods are way weaker then the Greek Gods, Mimir and Freya don't even believe half the stuff that happened there is true due to how beyond them it is yet Cory says the Norse Gods are stronger. Then you have Cory saying Kratos is more powerful then ever despite it being clear even when he let's loose he isn't and Kratos even states the power he once had is long gone. Granted a lot of Cory's statements predate Ragnarok and he was more hands off with it but its still his story like Empire is still a Lucas film so its weird how he just goes against what the games suggest and outright say.

  31. The only way I can see Old Kratos beating his Greek self is if he goes full on Ghost of Sparta mode, and even that’s pushing it.

  32. Its also heavily implied that any God that survived the Greek games Kratos included is pretty much a shell of their former selves, what Kratos did caused all that power they all had to just mostly fade, Kratos even says that power is long gone when Mimir asks if he could call on it. Its also worth noting a lot of Kratos power was fueled by amps, magic giving to him or taking by him and very powerful weapons, he sure as hell didn't take out the Greek world with his base stats alone or without help. End of the day does anyone really think Norse Kratos could take out Cronos by himself when he struggles to take out a giant undead Wolf with help from his pretty powerful son?

  33. I move games from my external hard drive to my xbox internal hard drive and they run smoother. I would assume it has somewhat the same affect

  34. Series Xbox? If so that's because the Xbox has a SSD while your External is just a normal HD.

  35. I mean, and this is a hill I will die on, SV are the single best games in the series. Which makes it so sad that its the lowest rated game ever due to the technical quirks it has (on launch, lets pray they fix it).

  36. If the performance was a solid 30fps and the bugs weren't so bad i feel this game would be in the high 80's. It deserves the criticism critics gave it but at the same time i feel many are just ignoring all the things it does right and all the many improvements its made, hell i feel many are ignoring how great the new PM are what in my opinion are the best since Gen 6.

  37. Honestly, Geetha wasn't the champion battle. Nemoma was. While she still comes nowhere near Cynthia in pure difficulty, her team was better than Geetha's.

  38. Nemoma is pretty much Blue in that she's really the ultimate and final battle, Geetha is pretty much Gen 1 Lance.

  39. I've put over 300 hours into it, made every deck i've desired, have all the staple cards, bought a ton of the cosmetics and have bought all the premium battle passes and guess how much money i've spent on it? Nothing as i've felt no need to, its a rare F2P game where paying real money really is optional.

  40. It’s framed in the shittiest way possible from a narrative perspective, where Kratos is allegedly holding back on the Norse gods as per Thor’s lines and Cory’s statements, but we never get to see what he’s really talking about. So at best it means Thor was rambling about nothing and at worst it means Kratos was only making the Norse fights LOOK close and was never facing any real threats.

  41. Going by one of the chats with Mimir its strongly implied its less holding back and more Kratos just doesn't have that level of power anymore, makes sense as he did wipe out 99% of the Greek Pantheon and their side of the world so i'm guessing between that and the Greek people losing faith and worship in the Gods its largely weaken any God who survived the Greek Saga.

  42. One of my favourites this Gen. Say what you will about the games but i think the designs this Gen are fire.

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