Inside the Pedophilic Manga Industry in Japan

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  1. Fuck yourself with a cactus? Yo people stealing my lines.

  2. Just use E6000, or some other epoxy and be extra careful with it in future. Can't really be moving it around. You're not going to fix this without it being noticeably broken, and you don't want that anyway, because people should know that it's extra fragile.

  3. No offense to you, but I think it's funny people message CS about this, as if they have any say over the website or inventory or are even given any heads up about those decisions lol

  4. LOL then who else are we supposed to message? 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂

  5. Well, I know people won't want to hear this, but no one really. There's a reason why companies are pushing towards self-service, and why even larger ones have gotten rid of their human CS side altogether.

  6. Chrissy Teigan is trash 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I wouldn't mind her if she just wasn't she has 2 brain cells I guess.

  8. Refunds for afterpay are about 14 business days, which can sometimes be like 3 weeks. But if it's been 30 days...damn.

  9. I used to be so good with these controls lol I would play like every day just driving around. And then tried to play this again a few months back on emulator.

  10. Afterpay accounts are tied to email addresses.

  11. Did we not just have an update? These games move too fast for me lol

  12. I just do exercises out of textbooks. Unless you’re trying to read specialist level math books there are usually enough resources online to get you through the stuff you can’t figure out on your own.

  13. Definitely look into auditing if there is a uni near you. Many places offer that for free if you are not looking for credit!

  14. I volunteered at a multiday event where kids would fly out to attend.

  15. Worked at a preschool for a bit and the teachers would get pissed off at parents for this shit like every week.

  16. Japan criminalized the act of downloading pirated files, punishable by a fine of 2 million yen or up to 2 years in prison. Excluded from punishment is files downloaded to cache, so streaming pirated material on your device won't trigger the criminal law.

  17. It was a huge thing really. They took down "pirating" sites in multiple countries and many people running the sites went to jail.

  18. Just because thr public doesn't have info doesn't mean the people on the scene don't.

  19. Yes, let's stop everything we're doing to go tell this one guy exactly what's going on so he feels better. Fuck everyone else or getting the situation under control. It's been 20 minutes and I'm a cop who knows the family of every single person alive and dead in the immediate area and the entire sequence of events because I just interviewed all these distressed people in record time. I will get the info to him straight away!

  20. Yeah, me, the person saying that maybe cops didn't handcuff him just because he's big and brown in the aftermath of a mass shooting.

  21. I have a very big problem with people who can still "keep going" when their partner is in actual distress, and if you're in a kinky relationship for a long period of time with someone, you absolutely fucking know the difference in your partner.

  22. Juke, mainly on paper. She shouldn't get all the shit she gets. It's just weird and feels weird to play against. Like it doesn't fit.

  23. Appart from the reflector I don't think she's OP, her drones can be easily countered, and most of the broken spots have been patched, her passive isn't that crazy, and in some situations the roll is better, and most of the broken spots have been patched. Imo she's isn't broken

  24. Yeah I'm not sure if OP is the right word. Mainly just, when I'm playing versus her, compared to every other rogue, it feels like she doesn't fit the game.

  25. I have choked and been choked, both during sex, and in the context of martial arts, many, many times. Always by hand/arm, never by ropes or straps. I don't want to diminish the safety-oriented argument, but it feels like a there is a disconnect somewhere. If choking were truly as dangerous as it is made out to be whenever this question is asked, there would be far more medical emergencies at martial arts gyms, MMA fights, and sexual encounters.

  26. There's no disconnect. It's just that the way you're choking someone matters, and the setting matters. Having 30 people around you ready to act when something goes wrong is different than two dumb people in a room fooling around.

  27. Sweden! Du Gamla Du Fria! It's like a pretty little pop song with the right vocalist, and the lyrics are actually about this love of the land.

  28. Are you kidding. I'm running away from Doms lol I'm walking around covered up with a fake ring on my finger and wearing a cross necklace. "Oh no good sir, I do not know this BDSM that you speak of. It sounds downright godless."

  29. Can't tell if I've played with him before or I'm getting him mixed up with another miserable dude playing this game from a basement.

  30. I usually just say, basically Western music between 1600 and 1900 lol

  31. All the games are a steamroll rn, by either team.

  32. Because people these days have no tolerance for anything that isn't perfect.

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