Trudeau's changes will ban millions of hunting rifles and shotguns

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  1. I’m actually incredibly angry they’re remastering castle of all maps. Not only is it from a tray arch ww2 game, but it’s also just been remastered last year in vanguard, and it played like total shit and nobody liked it in that game. If iw wants to remaster a Treyarch map, there are better maps to remaster.

  2. I think they are being lazy Cus they can use Vanguard files since it’s already remastered

  3. Maybe im boomer but I hope they are as close to original as possible

  4. Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to work in the public sector or non-profit/think tank realm. I'd say I'm leaning towards the GSPIA or MAGG programs because I've heard from a few people that NPSIA can be quite conservative/right-wing in orientation (generally speaking), so I'm thinking it may not be a great fit for me personally.

  5. I ended up deciding to go with MAGG. I'm currently researching the different options they offer and the benefits of using their services.

  6. Satire and u white stop sayin that cornball, u from Europe go brush ur teeth or commit terrorize minorities whatever y’all do, don’t reply to me again

  7. Pro gun and pro life beside each other always make me chortle

  8. Why is he playing the “young black man” card? What has he done for the black community besides capitalize on them? How has he given back?

  9. Theory: Ye strangles Nick on live tv and takes of his mask revealing a massive face tat of Karl Marx and the communist insignia. Ye Guevara


  11. RemindMe! 3 months “Check Manor ISD staff directory for Bret Bryon”

  12. !remindme 3 months 5 hours “see what this guy found during his check up on bryon”

  13. check back in a few months to see if he's back on their staff directory

  14. You really think people in Germany and Israel are gonna be cool with listening to a neo-nazi rapper?

  15. It was a great run. Don’t know if it’s sad or fitting that the one that ended it was himself. Had a fanbase that would’ve rocked with him through anything, and he still couldn’t clear the bar we lowered for him. Maybe it’s our fault

  16. That final sentence is extremely well written & speaks volumes

  17. Let him spend all his money, he believes money is what defines people as smart or not. Can’t wait till he runs out

  18. I would be a massive hypocrite if I asked to help donate without donating myself, so here is me putting money where my mouth is with my donation.

  19. Some people on here killed Charlemagne but he was absolutely right. Kanye is moving like he doesn’t care about his future.

  20. lets be real here. its a sub about kanye west

  21. We aren’t supposed to talk about Kanye in here, don’t you know

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