1. Your EV line will track identically with your winnings line in situations where you were not all-in with cards left to come. It will shift higher or lower to reflect situations where you were all-in. All in ev just filters out one of many aspects of variance.

  2. If you suck at poker (expected to lose long term) you’d generally want the highest variance and have to play the least amount of total hands. Variance from high to low would be tournament>110 stack>220 stack. But the order is the opposite in how many hands you’d have to play in each. Playing ~30 hands in one hour of a cash game is probably the best option. Also payout structures of tournaments prevent even great players from profiting 50+ % of the time.

  3. If you’re relatively new to poker and more interested in playing online than live, you should definitely consider learning PLO. I’d start at the micros where swings in dollar amount aren’t stressful. Once you get a feel for pre/post flop hand strength and how equities differ, many theory concepts translate from NL to Omaha more than you’d think. Can keep padding the bankroll with 1/3 at the same time.

  4. Move up to 2/5 so one double up gets you back to even

  5. Over generalized thoughts like “this line is always x hand” or “players never bluff” are typically big mistakes.

  6. Found in yard near mostly maple trees/various bushes. Agaricus arvenis grew in same location last fall. Other agaricus sp grow in yard. When split open gills looked white-ish/cream but maybe just immature and would turn pink?

  7. Found in yard near mostly maple trees. Northeast US. Agaricus arvenis grew in the same location last fall. When split open the gills looked white-ish/cream but maybe just immature and not yet pink?

  8. Found in yard near mostly maple trees. Northeast US. Fairly certain agaricus arvenis grew in the same location last fall. Broke apart the cap and the developing gills looked white-ish/cream but possibly not mature enough to see a pink coloring.

  9. I think you’re ready to move up in stakes

  10. Because there’s no reason to change tables

  11. Lol If it goes to showdown it doesn’t count. If it doesn’t get to showdown, it needed to get to showdown. I think they just say this because they don’t want to pay. Try chat support, they’ll correct it if you’re persistent.

  12. Play the same ranges, just removing the utg position. BU, CO, HJ opening ranges can all stay the same. In general you might want to work on being less nitty from the blinds though.

  13. Why not just guess the same card until you hit you only have 999 chances to be right before your in the red haha

  14. You are missing the point of coloring up. The player with the large stack wants to make the stack look small by coloring up so that you can entice an all in from someone who thinks they have you covered and is trying to bully you at the table. Let's say the max buy in at the table is $1,000 and a player gets up to $2k. Having 10 blacks ($100) nicely tucked next to the rail might get a LAG to push you around and not realize you've got them doubled already. PRO TIP.

  15. And if they complain about not seeing your chips just tell them you’re left handed

  16. Your line isn’t all that bad. Pre sizing is fine given the disadvantage of playing deep stack oop. Mostly bet flop around 2/3 ish. As played check turn or bet much smaller. Calling river is a punt unless this player is a complete maniac.

  17. Use whatever suits you want as blockers. Suits don’t matter.

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