1. Hi. As an international student during thanksgiving I usually spend my time outdoors. Its colder to spend time outside and not sweat and die. I obviously don’t celebrate the holiday but seeing my friends see their families does kinda suck. Not going to class for about a week and not seeing any friends is kind of boring though

  2. If its a little loose its fine! I personally dont like having my merino base layers too tight

  3. Had this same issue yesterday. Spoke to customer service for 20 mins. At first they thought it was an address mismatch. It was actually that my account had my middle initial but the membership didn’t. They fixed it for me and I was able to use the rewards at checkout.

  4. Oh that might be the issue i have then. I have to first names and On my membership its only my first first name. But on my credit card its obviously both of my first names.

  5. Is your membership number correct on your capital one account?

  6. Yes. I even called customer service and they said my account was linked. They ended up just placing the order for me on the phone

  7. I also have been having this issue. Just order as normal as long as you already “logged in” the first time. The purchase links to your account. And it has for me my past 2 purchases this month

  8. Mine linked to my account, but didn’t give me the rewards points so they had to do it manually

  9. Oh thats a bummer. Mine were automatically put in my account. Hopefully this ends soon. It’s definitely annoying

  10. This is very cool btw. I feel like i couldnt pull this off lol

  11. How much dust do they collect? Is that a problem?

  12. After my grandfather gave me his old sx-70 I decided to buy some film and brought it with me to my trip to turkey. These are some of the first successful pics.

  13. Good for you man! Thats really nice of him, and it’s even nicer that the camera still works. Enjoy the new camera!!

  14. College isn’t a joke. Use the GI bill. Almost all schools have a Veterans office and they’ll guide you and help you out. Taking your gen eds may sound dumb but you’ll figure out what you like that way

  15. If anyone who hasnt been to seniors before comment on here with any questions or message me. I was medically dropped at week 4

  16. OCS doesn’t teach shit. They teach enough for you to understand how to mimic it. Funny enough at tbs they teach you fire team up to company sized movements… this is just a screener. My deserts aren’t that fucked up but if yours are unserviceable I would get some prior to shipping. Should be able to order online via NEX. (Use your edipi). Or get some at the PX. Sule 2 is just sule but with a squad. Sule 3 doesn’t count for much leadership and by that time we will have it down. I would say just run long and run slow and lift more weights. Lots of lifters did good on the o course. DM me and we can talk more.

  17. So I was medically dropped this summer from SRs. You’ll get issued deserts and woodlands again next summer at SRs so dont worry about buying any

  18. They’ll typically ask what additions you want to pay for with the car, like extended warranty or a cheaper window replacement if you ever had to replace it. They’ll try really hard to sell you on all that additional shit but just say no if you dont need it

  19. They gave me the HEERF find twice last year. One was for Covid relief and the other was for monkey pox. It was both 750.00. I don’t remember having to fill out a form…. They just sent me an email stating that it would be put in my direct deposit

  20. Off campus apartments dont have spring leases but theres a utsa sublease facebook page for subleasing off campus apartments. Hope that could help!

  21. So we have to report midterm grades to let you guys know where you are in the class before drop date. At least that’s how I see it. Whenever I post my midterm grades, I make sure to also post how students should interpret it and what it means as a forecast for their final grade in the course. Then I tell them, as we approach drop day, to please ask me for further details or info if they are considering dropping.

  22. So, college classes aren’t like high school. If you fail a test or class, that’s really it. Your GPA drops, but you can take it again.

  23. I dont think I’ll fail the clads lol. There just arent many graded assignments and i turned one in late and it made my grade low. But if i just do everything else right for the next of the semester i should be fine right!

  24. My account got hacked on 22 September. I have gone through the steps to verify that I own my account and have gotten support emails from facebook to change my password. The person who hacked my account also enabled two-factor authorization on my account when he hacked it. So when I try to reset my password, it asks for a code. Is there any way to fix this issue I'm having since my account got hacked?

  25. I had an applicant say “I’ve never sent anything in the mail before. How does that work?” yesterday. I asked her if she’d ever sent a birthday card or anything. “No.”

  26. Thats fucking insane. I myself am still a boot lost 2nd Lt and I’ve sent mail before

  27. I love my Instax printer (got the mini and the wide) I mainly print Instax for scrapbooking and to attach to postcards I send. It’s a fun format and being able to add QR codes, emojis, frames and different film types works well well.

  28. 3rd phase. We had two guys of Asian descent who were from different states, the di's had made rack mates. Every night for that last month while everyone else recited rifle serial numbers and had nothing to report during hygein inspection, the kill hats had them bump fists and say "wonder twins activate" and each night was a different "form of" rabbits, dragons, firetruck etc. Whatever the green belts decided it should be that night. Then, they ran around the squad bay acting out what they had become as the wonder twins. We broke bearing quite often...

  29. This is fucking hilarious. I can see them doing dbz fusion lol

  30. At OCS the hats give us all shit because we're college students. This one kid on light duty during a hike and was asked what she went to school for, the hat said "is that right? I don't think so. From now on every time I ask you what you're majoring in, you're saying silly shit. You got it? And every time I ask what you're minoring you're saying "how to skip hikes" so every time this hat saw that candidate the conversation would go like this

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