1. Just bought a half worth of tenths yesterday. Over 1% myrcene. Great flavor and scent. Perfect buzz. Wish more cultivators would do land race strains like this. My only complaint is that it is drier than the Sahara.

  2. I didn’t realise kaytee was so bad, I’ve just bought some of their hay now I’m regretting it, I normally get oxbow, I find burgees too dusty and small, back to oxbow I suppose lol

  3. Small pet select Timothy hay , try it.

  4. You can always order from chewy. I never thought about the dust. My bunny gets watery eyes when he eats hay. Thanks for mentioning that.

  5. Try small pet select Timothy hay if you can

  6. Ditch the alcohol. Keep the weed. Add cbd kief to take away the weed-induced anxiety.

  7. Pods arent going to help. Switch to flower vape.

  8. Thank you for shoveling out a spot for them to eat! This will be remembered when the squirrels take charge.

  9. I am on 5mg 3x a day. Taking a morning and night dose just doesn't work for me. Talk to your doctor about it, you are likely right.

  10. I am on the same dosage you are, 5mg 3x a day. I think you are having success, based on what I read here. You're always going to have some bad moments with anxiety, but the buspar keeps me from having really bad days. The dizziness just happens now and then, after taking a dose. Just know that and plan for it. Tell him you are seeing progress and want to stick to the dose you want. If he wants to increase the dose, let him, you can always dose yourself at 5mg 3x a day if you think it's working.

  11. It still baffles me how Kirk Douglas got the role to play Spartacus despite being so skinny, and then many decades go by, and they shoot a Spartacus TV show and every dude in it and his little brother looks like a Greek god.

  12. he produced the movie...........so stop being baffled

  13. Mighty / crafty are definitely nice, I reach for my Arizer Air Max way more often though. It's infinitely easier to keep clean. Huge rips. USB-C charging. Long battery life. (replaceable battery, too, so you can carry a spare with you if you want.)

  14. I don’t know if they have pods or carts but I know fern valley has everything else cbd and is super cheap

  15. I buy cbd kief there and use it in everything I vape. Can confirm good and cheap.

  16. If you arent stuck on carts, a flower vape with flower + cbd kief is how I roll.

  17. Curaleaf smalls are pretty good. I got garlic cookies a few weeks ago and it had over 2% of listed terps on the package. Amazing batch of flower.

  18. This is basically what it looks like in my apartment at all times. Good work!

  19. I love the flavor and scent of this strain but it's a one way ticket to anxietyville for me. No matter how much cbd kief I add to the mix.

  20. Hey how long you are doing it? I also use THC/CBD and Buspar before bed for 6 month and it works fairly well. Wanted to add Valerian to the combo hoping for better REM, but not sure if it is too much?

  21. At least two years now. Also if it matters, I don't combust thc/cbd. I use a flower vaporizer and I feel like it is more relaxing overall than inhaling hot air into my lungs.

  22. Interesting. I never heard about flower vaporizer. Got to check it out.

  23. My favorite now is the Arizer Air Max. USB-C charging is nice.

  24. Older patients are going to want to know exactly what’s in their bag before they buy. Customers aren’t just redditors who are trying to get the highest high like you and me lol they like consistency and no confusion.

  25. I am not chasing the highest of high. I'm chasing the highest level of medicinal benefit. Nuggets have more medicinal value than shake. Getting a bag of nugs instead of a bag of shake is going to be more beneficial for anyone who buys it. This is like saying "my tax refund was supposed to be $1,000, but they gave me $2,000, and I am mad!"

  26. Bruh imagine an old ass dude buys this bag expecting it to be ground for him 🗿 bro has no grinder or nothin because he expected to buy it PRE GROUND like the label says, and now he feels screwed because he didn’t get as advertised

  27. Actually the package says shake. Shake doesn't mean pre-ground, it just means it's smaller than what falls through their bud sifters they use to sort nugs. There is a specific other deviation of flower called "pre ground" that some companies sell. This is not that. You are incorrect here.

  28. I work in the media too. I am on air. I take this drug and it makes everything better for me. I hope it works for you. Good luck.

  29. I've had the problem since I bought the TV, never have I been able to sync anything up over the last two years. I've gotten close but never perfect.

  30. Nope, I can't get it timed up either

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