1. I installed this cooler the other day, and you must tighten the screws as far as they will go without damaging or overforcing the motherboard. Seems very strange that Corsair just threw out the old amd clip idea to secure the cooler for some reason.

  2. I think you led me to my fix. Thermal paste was fine but it wasn't tight enough. Reseated it and we're not reaching above 51c

  3. We don’t allow people to post tattoos that don’t belong to them.

  4. For people asking who did such and such tattoo, tattooers who do similar styles, etc

  5. Well it's a weird tattoo posted with artists permission and full credit given but I can change the title to "who did this?"

  6. PJ09 says:

    Reposting is not allowed. When reporting a repost please use the other field and include a link to the original post.

  7. Must have been set accidentally. If not, quickly shutting it down and restarting would (I assume) fix this from happening. Lol

  8. It of course was. She's not used to playing solo and got burned with structure decay online so she messed up the settings lol

  9. Kinda crazy that all these “conspiracies” are coming true. But im sure you wear 3 masks thinking they work

  10. yeah the earth flattened itself out while the lizard people made you follow traffic lights. get your vaccine. believe science, it changes based on evidence instead of changing because it needed to find a new way to get whackadoodles to believe it.

  11. The multi-day blackout of the east side of the US and Canada back in 2003

  12. I had just started college and had left only 1 of my 5 fish tanks going. My prized red devil "rodger" for my father to take car of. During the blackout he had no heat no filters but he made it. As soon as the power came back I drove home to check the tank and reset anything that needed to be. 2 days later my father called me to tell me he passed. RIP Ridger you were a good fish

  13. Matt, When you quit your job to make this game, how long did it take you before you realized you could just have rum drinks in the middle of the day while working and noone cared?

  14. They were all part of the same Kappa platform, but the Solstice came out a year before the sky did. Nobody stole anything, under the body work it's the same car. You do realize most of the design work is done under the same roof right? It's not brand specific, i.e. there are not "Saturn" designers or "Chevrolet" designers. Many platforms are shared among all the brands under GM. The kappa got rebadged as an Opel in Europe, and a Daewoo in Korea.

  15. Saturn developed all of it. Gm reabsorbed Saturn releases the solstice earlier

  16. Re-absorbed?! Saturn has always been GM, GM invented Saturn in the 80's. The kappa platform started as a Pontiac and got rebadged as a Saturn, Opel, and Daewoo. So I'm not really sure where you are getting your info, but "Saturn" didn't develop it. GM developed the kappa platform for the Solstice initially.

  17. Yes Saturn was a gm funded brand but that had complete autonomy untill the mid 2000s which they eventually killed with shit cars to let Pontiac survive a but longer

  18. I'm a big fan of TryHard_emnity. He sometimes gets a bit quiet but he'll answer any questions with a lot of detail once he sees it. Finished #3 orisa on overbuff this season

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