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  1. I’ll make it my personal mission to not let u out 😈

  2. Birth control better not be in your system. I'm ready to impregnate your juicy natural sexy body with my hard thick cock.

  3. Me and birth control are NOT friends 🙅🏻‍♀️

  4. Yes, and as a certified boob inspector I will put a gold stamp on that!

  5. Are u part of the fbi? Federal boob inspector? 😱

  6. Well they made my night so I’d say they’re awesome

  7. Thank you, Honey. Can we have several? 👶👶👶👶

  8. If I have to call someone to get something done, it’s getting put off at least a week.

  9. I have to do it for my job a lot and it’s torture Everytime lol

  10. Harry Potter and chamber of secrets is the reason for my arachnophobia

  11. Chocolate mint ice cream tastes nothing like toothpaste and if you think that ur tastebuds are broken sorry

  12. The plushies section at Walmart ! Why don’t they have those anymore :(

  13. Perfection is just a social construct and if I had to say something about it is that no matter how you look you will always be beautiful and perfect in my book♡

  14. For some reason being called deadly makes me excited 🫣

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