1. City of Columbus electric is about the same. They don't service many neighborhoods though, and you would have to move if your current house is an AEP one.

  2. The 12 apostles, and most of the other people following Jesus in the Gospels, were Jews.

  3. Don't bother modern jews ? You rather their souls be lost forever ?

  4. The Jews are aware of Jesus, but are set in their ways now. Bothering them would be like them bothering us, or Muslims bothering us, or Jehovah's Witnesses bothering us. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

  5. We're Catholic, not Fundamentalist Protestant or some other such religion. We believe in scientific discovery. We founded many European universities.

  6. yes - even the priest at my church does it (bottle or drinking glass usually)

  7. girl are you complaining about a Kroger in Westerville? Trying coming to 2000 E Main St Kroger or the one on E Broad in Whitehall.

  8. More traveling, less children mean more social lifestyles. Also higher incomes on top of less children lead to a more social life that, as previously noted, includes traveling.

  9. Fauci and other medical professionals have been referring to the monkeypox spread as "men who have sex with men" for a reason. It's not "a man who has sex with a man" causing the spread. It's plural: "men".

  10. That's still Columbus - Whitehall is one or two streets east.

  11. and maybe switch lanes on Street view - when I looked I see the AutoZone from 2019

  12. Parts of my opinion on this are contrary to others in this group, but not contrary to Catholic teaching:

  13. I live a block from a bus line that can take me downtown and back. It's fine for me and many of us.

  14. There's a place on Bethel Rd @ US 33 that does short term, furnished places. I think 3 months was one of the choices.

  15. If you are on a city street (not a private condo), call the city of Columbus 614-645-3111 and ask for a blue recycling bin.

  16. He has gotten locked out of it a couple times (password is correct but account becomes locked), both times I called them, and they helped me both times, we even mentioned not having any AT&T services. What do you recommend we do? Would it be easy to change it to a yahoo.com email?

  17. The Mass is the Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist.

  18. Is Columbus notably Lutheran? Do we get walleye from our local Olentangy River?

  19. Columbus is not highly Lutheran though we have our share of Lutheran churches. Also Capital U in Bexley is Lutheran.

  20. I don't know if our blocks = 100 address numbers. We have short blocks and long blocks.

  21. Obscenely expensive for what you get. I stopped going entirely 5-6 years ago. I’m guessing that place would not exist without business dinner write offs and tourists.

  22. Exactly! Only time I've gone is when my employer was paying. Sure I'll eat a $55 steak and $12 mashed potatoes if someone else is buying. The food was fine, this was in 2016.

  23. It's in cities all over the country, since the "mostly peaceful protests" in May 2020. Minor/medium laws stopped having repercussions when broken, and it escalated to major laws like the ones about not shooting people.

  24. Lol I love how you subtly tie the blm protests, which were statistically overwhelmingly nonviolent nation-wide, to the national increase in crime. Dishonest slimeball tactic.

  25. There’s a shortage of priests and they’re closing down seminaries?

  26. "7 rectors in 15 years" ? What is the fully story there?

  27. I apologize, because some of the trouble I was thinking of was under the previous bishop(s). But here is a warning under Cupich:

  28. The priest in a parish near me almost always uses "Eucharistic Prayer I" which people say was carried over from the old Mass. It's very flowery compared to Prayer III, which is much more commonly used in my part of the world.

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