1. Brilliant film. I miss film4 and arts council productions. They’ve been a huge loss to the world.

  2. Another picture that makes the Ecozilla look smaller than other watches. This is surely impossible. It's planet sized.

  3. I took a picture just for you! still trying to figure out how to send it! Sorry 😬

  4. No worries chief. I have an Ecozilla. I was following up another photo from a few days ago which someone had posted. Another photo in which the EcoIlla looked small.

  5. The President is from Strapcode, the Jubilee from AliExpress. Very different price and quality:

  6. Links are blocked chief. That said, it takes 1.3 seconds to actually look it up, if you're not a lazy twat. Thanks for the references. 7

  7. That would take less than 60 seconds to discuss in my local. Partly because it's in the UK and nobody cares about those subjects (Bud v Budlight for example - conclusion is, they're both shit and only Americans drink that piss).

  8. This is mad. Where can I read more about this?

  9. Put the line in context of the rest of the lyrics. Makes more sense then.

  10. "If I speak any slower I'll sound like Dave off of Royle Family"

  11. Recently saw a video of Take That covering 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' back in the 90's, with Barlow on vocals trying to be sexy but coming off about as edgy as a football.

  12. It’s his eyes, his mouth smiles but he still has cold, dead, predatory eyes

  13. It's odd that despite being abandoned, empty and dilapidated, it is, in its current state, still nowhere near as depressing as it looked and felt in 1988 when I first signed on in there.

  14. One other thing I would add, most curators don't do it for the money, because we don't get paid loads.

  15. You also need a decent helping of luck - I gave up on trying to get into museums even though it's been my lifelong passion because even with relevant degrees, tons of volunteering experience and a museum studies MA I still couldn't get anywhere. I threw in the towel when I had a full year in which none of my failed interviews gave me any feedback I could work on, when I got anything at all it was glowing praise "but we went with a candidate with more experience". How am I meant to get it when nobody else will give it to me?!

  16. Also true. It's become a career path that is both desirable and very off-putting.

  17. Not far enough, vegan black pudding is absolutely delicious and I know that every meat eater who has tried it has said they wouldn't know it was vegan as it tastes exactly the same. I say we just keep veganising every product so there can be no excuses.

  18. But is costs.more. It's also not made.of blood and fat. That's where they put the heroin

  19. Flawless? Pose is different. Collar is different. Shirt is different. Angles are different. Car is different. Season is different. Stripes on jumper are.different. Light is different. Backgrounds are different. Background colour is different.

  20. I suggest before sampling the food, go and get absolutely twatted in an alehouse.

  21. A Sunday roast dinner - usually roast meat and vegetables with (british) gravy and loads of additional sides. Can be found in most pubs, but check reviews first!

  22. Bakewell tart is a shithole bastardisation of the Bakewell pudding, only available in Bakewell. I like the tart, but the pudding is the absolute shit

  23. With everything there is to eat, why do you need to eat Swan as well. All the swans belong to the king, and so if he's not butchering and selling them, NO it's not legal to eat them because you'd be thieving his property.

  24. An 80 year old guy with no legs called Don, who was a Spitfire pilot in WW2 (not Bader), who had a tracheostomy, pissed on Guiness, singing Who Wants to Live Forever, which came on the jukebox (Queen); Highlander), while keeping time with his thigh stumps.

  25. He had a tracheotomy while singing in the pub? Blimey

  26. Partly throat wobbling; partly mouth based. I'm not a throat surgeon. It worked, but fucked if I know how.

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