Firefighters snatch a suicide jumper out of mid air

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  1. These are taking me back to when I loved watching Sims 2 music videos that people made to Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI songs.

  2. YES!! those sims 2 videos are why i know all the lyrics to the kill and runaway love

  3. I lived in a place where the toilet would do this periodically and sometimes overflow with soapy foam bubbles. We kept putting in maintenance orders about it. In our fifth year sewage flooded our entire apartment because there was a massive clog that had formed and the cistern finally overflowed.

  4. SAME. our toilet would always gurgle and fill up, and one day sewage water just started pouring out. luckily it was only in the bathroom and kitchen. our apartment complex didn’t help at all. we had to pay for a hotel and the apartments paid for a cleaning crew. no other maintenance was ever done. toilet now releases a woosh of air and a foul smell sometimes.

  5. Lots of them ban delivery. I did one to Track team practice after-hours... to the athletic fields with fan stands near the running track.

  6. 2019 is when they banned doordash at my highschool. there was too many kids ordering it lmao

  7. i just painted one that said “get that fetus, kill that fetus” (bojack reference) and the rating it got was “respectable” LMAO

  8. Yes. She called me while I was sleeping, I picked it up, I said "Hello?" then she randomly explained the meaning for the design, then she hanged up. I didn't get to speak but I was fine with it.

  9. Melanie is sitting next to me right now. she broke into my house through the chimney. I told her you said hi. she said "hey baby hit me up 😘🍑"

  10. Tyler annoys the hell out of me. I was honestly surprised to see in Human Resources that he’d been assigned to another human.

  11. i’ve spent like 5 hours untangling some yarn that looked like this and i have the tiniest ball to show for it :’(

  12. Argument aside, guy recording looks like a dickhead trying to covertly capture these people having a bad time for internet clout. I hope the next time he's having a bad day someone records his misfortune for fun and he can see how that feels because he obviously doesn't give a fuck.

  13. isn’t that basically what this sub is tho? people freaking out, then someone else recording them?

  14. I was that guy until I had kids. All of the sudden, getting somewhere quickly while risking my life and those around me seemed so much less important. I'm pretty ashamed looking back on it and glad I never caused an accident.

  15. Nah, Haunted is the worst. But I don't like bittersweet tragedy either. Simply because both of those songs describe exactly what I'm going through right now. Sometimes being able to relate to a song too much ruins it.

  16. you love i scares me. i like the song but the backwards marilyn voice in the beginning always freaks me out lol

  17. man you can’t even get anything under 1.79 at my goodwill

  18. Anybody could slice themselves, even if it’s dull-ish. Imagine a mom putting her baby into the carrier part. Whoever did this has never been sliced and not realized it until they have to figure out where the blood is coming from.

  19. idky u got downvoted. i work in kitchens and i’ve heard dull knives can actually be more dangerous than sharp ones.

  20. A sharp knife will give you a clean cut that will heal quickly and neatly. A dull knife will cause many little tears that will take longer to heal and will scar. Source: many cuts from Scouting.

  21. not that you asked, but i made my entire reddit account to post this specific post

  22. ive noticed this for a lot of stuff with twitter and reddit. it’ll be the same video but the comments are always complete opposites lol. kinda interesting

  23. If it was a non-HP charger, it’s entirely possible it caused damage to internal components… we’ve seen it happen a number of times. Unfortunately this is one of the reasons I always advise people not to use chargers unless they’re made by HP or otherwise specifically compatible (i.e. USB PD 3).

  24. Uhhh what? I was there. What don’t I want to watch?

  25. there’s a netflix documentary about it and it talks about all the shit that went down. even the behind the scenes stuff

  26. And this has nothing to do with Call Me Kevin's Biflife video's?

  27. i’m pretty sure they enjoy his videos since it brings traction to the game

  28. maybe she had instant regret like some of them golden gate suicide survivors

  29. I wear them. They're cool. I have a hat I like for cool old guys and a turban for some Middle-Easterns occasionally

  30. man you’re lucky. i literally ALWAYS get insane looking sunglasses and the goofiest hats someone could’ve created LOL

  31. it looks like an all-white party. just your normal party but everyone has white on

  32. Ngl I'd choose trev, I know his personality is cool but he gave Michael away to a chinese gang, got them exiled from Los Santos, and was a giant pervert, so yeahhhh hate me all you want but Brad wasn't known about anyway

  33. to be fair with the chinese gang thing, i think people forget Trevor was as close to Brad as he was Michael. imagine finding your best friend who you thought was in prison in your other best friends coffin. all while said “friend” is still trying to tell you it’s just bags of sand in there.

  34. Micheal has to go, everything happened because of him so him dying would be an appropriate ending.

  35. this is my reasoning too. i kill Michael every time and plus to me he’s kind of boring to play as.

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