1. hjbr says:

    Up the bootleg! cheap and cheerful!

  2. hjbr says:

    I could die happy if I heard this live

  3. hjbr says:

    You look great! go and have the best time!! love the crocs!! <3

  4. hjbr says:

    Sending you all the good vibes! once you're in your seat and they hit the stage you'll forget everything else going on around you! hope you have the best time! you've got this :)

  5. so sorry you had to be in that position. it’s comforting to know that there is someone else that feels the way I do, and boy do I feel you with the religious panic part. we should make a discord for the spiritually confused fellas lol sending you love and light, thank you for your comment!

  6. hjbr says:

    Honestly we really do need a discord ahah! the panic is the worst! i still get it now and again but I can usually talk myself out of it!

  7. yeah me too. I tend to spiral when thinking about it and make myself cry lmao

  8. hjbr says:

    Oh yeah I’ve been there! ahaha feel like I’m a lot late experiencing things in life but I’m on my own path I guess!

  9. hjbr says:

    i do this as well! always thought it was anxiety but i was recently diagnosed with ADHD and i guess it kind of made sense that maybe it was that instead aha! could be both i guess?

  10. I would definitely talk to your doctor. The sense of impending doom could be anxiety, and the low mood and tiredness could be medication crash, if you’re on stimulants. It could be your body is still adjusting, or it could be a sign the medication isn’t the right one for you, dose needs adjusting etc. Another thing to consider is if you experience PMS, and now is when that time might be… it could be hormones. I feel exactly how you describe during pms (pmdd for me) and my medication doesn’t work as well. Exercise sometimes helps the anxiety, along with making sure you’re eating and drinking enough water during the day.

  11. hjbr says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! i go back to the doctor for a review next week! I’ve been making notes of everything I’ve been feeling and noticing. Yeah I deffo feel like some anxiety has set in. I’ve also got a lot going on in my life in general atm and I already struggle to manage big changes so having this thrown in to the mix really threw me off aha. I deffo think I’m crashing. It kinda sucks cause I’m living and work abroad for 2 years and I don’t want my time here to suck tryna figure this all out.

  12. hjbr says:

    I feel this so bad! I'm 27f recently diagnosed and on meds. I feel like its completely clotheslined me! its like it all just happened so quick! I've gone through times of suspecting i had it. But to then be diagnosed and on meds just like that. I feel so overwhelmed and unsure of how to best move forward. I noticed the meds the first few days and now I'm not so sure. I feel like I'm so vulnerable and easily triggered at the moment! it's also brought on this intense stage of loneliness, like this now confirms I'll never find love or be good enough and I'm always going to be too much or too intense.

  13. I’ll be selling it once it’s completed :)

  14. Thank you! means a lot :)

  15. It's actually a perfect time to get a lot of reading done and work on

  16. Thank you, any recommendations for reading?

  17. Times like this can be called 'contrast' because they evoke new desires in you or you now know more clearly what you really want. Just remind yourself of your new desires & start seeing all the good stuff that is happening. Example: Now your mental and physical well-being is much more important to you than before the coronavirus. You want to continue your LoA path. You want people to stay safe. The good things are: More time for yourself, a time of replenishment of your energy, people are so much more appreciating good health now, people are working together globally, new inventions coming, .....

  18. Thank you! I think I needed this reminder for sure! I was scripting a lot before but haven’t done that since being in lockdown and I think that’s something I need to go back to where I can. And focus on what I can do in these times and what I can be ever more grateful for, like my health. I guess it’s just the pause that’s been put on life that’s taking some getting used to. I will still be where I want to be when all this ends.

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