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  1. I have a subscription to Netflix, Prime video, Disney+ and some others and I am gutted this movie isnt available on there

  2. Thanks for the clarification, English is not my first language.

  3. While that’s a technical definition, no person in real life would think anything of you using electrocuted like that

  4. I figured it was ok since I was on 800mg pills and was supposed to take 2 at a time for 1600mg. Usually when taking pain pills, they say you can double up on recommended doses if you aren’t noticing any pain relief so I figured doubling it would be ok for a few days. But like I said, all it did was cause me more pain so I stopped taking it.

  5. You should go to a doctor and do tests for your liver. There’s no way that didn’t do some damaged

  6. Seems like a bad way to do that. Gotta be a less harmful crime. Jaywalk in front of the police station. Idk

  7. oh i figured you have to. i don’t blame the workers or even have a problem with it lol. i just think it’s funny

  8. Trust me it’s just as frustrating for me when a mom orders 5 meals by herself and I have to ask if she’s eating it in the car

  9. I just had 3 different hospitals bills so it would be awesome to be able to get some games!

  10. A coworker and I have tried reporting it before, back in September, but nothing's changed- I'll follow up on it with the state.

  11. Report to who? If it’s not your states department of labor of course nothing happened. This happened to me too girl. Trust me go talk to the department of labor and you can be getting a check for all that stolen money plus extra in less than two weeks.

  12. You said “didn’t get us anywhere”. You meant “didn’t get HIM anywhere”. Reframe your thoughts

  13. A bunch of assholes in my view. They allow the system to overcharge the students. They think they are better than everyone and most likely a bunch of annoying woke cretins

  14. Magnesium is a muscle relaxer. Even just taking it I can feel all my muscles relax. It really does work

  15. I'm so shocked she is even asking this question! Is she trying to be a grandma by 2023? Like who the hell would consider letting 2 horny 14 years old that are dating SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER? This is a recipe for disaster.

  16. You think the only way two horny 14 year olds are going to have sex is it it’s at a sleepover at their parents house? Lol trust me if they want to have sex their going to have sex. The only difference if it’s in a safe place or not

  17. Dont ever come into work sick. Thats basic food safety and basic respect to your coworkers

  18. No LoJack on it. Did not know they would report it. Thank you. Urban area street parking only. I’m thinking like 4 blocks away would throw them off. I should be able to catch up on payments in 2 weeks. Just hoping to maintain possession until then.

  19. Call then and tell them that. They’re willing to work with you. Ideally they want to get paid, they would much rather that happen than take the car

  20. This happens when the drive tags are printing the transaction number rather than drive number

  21. Nah Im pretty sure this is the old system from a few years ago. All the tags would have 4 digit numbers for the drive. There’s no way there was 4000 drive thru orders that day

  22. The transaction number doesn’t start at one I’m not sure how it works but it’s the 4 digits that appear while you are taking the order which turn into a drive number once the order is stored

  23. Yes! There was this super sweet woman at my work place, but as I’ve gotten to know her I’ve realized she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She’s very dangerous and even more dangerous than outright rude people because she deceives you. I wouldn’t EVER say anything negative at work - but it was still a sobering realization.

  24. I got this game included with my Xbox one purchase. Sadly it's still in the wrapper and no one wants it. Freeeeee lol

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