1. You know who haven’t had charges filed against them? Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick

  2. Yeah, I never expect to get any real info from their interviews lol. I haven’t listened to this one yet, because I saw it right before bed haha but I’m very excited to listen later!

  3. He discusses the shooting on set. He also suggested that Raylan is a triplet, in jest

  4. They were pretty similar. The only difference I can really tell is, No swearing (the religion), Raylan seems like he wants to kill the bad guy, and racism.

  5. Raylan’s anger and impatience are aspects of the character that create the dynamic you see in Justified. He will often disobey Art’s orders to ruffle feathers because he’s a blunt instrument.

  6. I agree they are worth discussion. We did not see enough of him to be able to tell that very well. Though from the bit we see I would agree that Raylan is more the rebel while Dick is calmer.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raylan is a bit calmer now. As the blurb for the new season emphasizes, the road in front of him is a lot shorter than the road behind. I’m sure that will factor into his performance to an extent

  8. I already know im Elston Limehouse and i dont need no fancy schmancy quiz to prove it!

  9. I’ve said repeatedly that I do not care if it wins, however the Batman is such a unique vision, the visual style should be acknowledged by the community and it was here!

  10. Found this on Instagram somewhere, can’t remember who posted it but thought it was an interesting concept.

  11. Find the actual source and you may repost it

  12. Dehumanizing is just another, modern way of pushing the blame onto an intangible. Because who wants to help a monster? These people have mental health issues. If that’s not already abundantly clear. And much of our world stigmatizes mental health issues. And it’s happening now in this thread

  13. Interesting. I’m gonna cut to the chase: I think it’s Boyd. I’ve already explained why I think Raylan talking to Boyd makes sense. And I wager Clement Mansell won’t make it through the City Primeval alive. This is, of course, speculative. Time will tell…

  14. Break out the Apple pie; We're gonna have another whoop-dee-doo

  15. Hope they don’t forget the cinnamon

  16. Remember that picture y’all have seen fifty times? What if it was just part of a picture?

  17. https://www.facebook.com/17265241079/posts/pfbid02ErKfayePmnEnzTyKcMamJwajUY2BWqo9SCoAhuXedE1Faab4DmgZ3uza5K53sGcwl/?mibextid=Nif5oz

  18. Oh man. That’s awesome. We saw portions of that image in articles posted before January 10th for “upcoming shows in 2023”

  19. Give me like 4 Batman's on screen. As an adult, I can process this. How many Batman titles and minis are on the shelf every Wednesday? 10? It's fine.

  20. Well, that answers that. That was one of the questions I saw cropping up a lot. And I myself was taking it one season at a time. But I do admit, it makes me smile to hear that if the show does well, it will continue

  21. So that’s how he got that stripper pole technique with Rebellion

  22. Just to clarify, this is only for Extra and Premium accounts. Regular PS+ users will not receive DMC 5

  23. If Arkane announces Dishonored 3 then I can safely say this will far and away be the best damn show I’ve seen in a long time

  24. Is that feasible? It seems too soon after Deathloop, and Redfall isn’t even out yet.

  25. It’s unlikely, although they have been giving away Dishonored on multiple storefronts lately.

  26. If you’re mashing buttons you may be feeling pressure and the game’s frenetic action is no help.

  27. I hope Robert Quarles since the writers themselves said he didn’t die at slaughterhouse.

  28. Oh. Do you happen to recall where they stated that? I thought he died!

  29. Thank you so much. I’ve seen other fans speculate regarding this topic many times so this is some excellent information!

  30. DMC 3! It excels in combat as well as enemy and boss patterns on top of level design and puzzles.

  31. Also, Lady isn’t just in the game to look pretty. 3 is the GOAT

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