1. I thought it would either taste like a. those really cheap hollow santa shaped chocolates you get on halloween or b. delicious kinder egg chocolate

  2. This is a stupid question but did you do it on a separate switch user?

  3. pretty sure it is. red an duck talk to eachother when yellow is walking towards the stairs, their conversation implying it's edwards

  4. "I would like to see the video"

  5. Shes literally less than 2 years younger than you, you're fine!

  6. perfect place to go fishing with that master-bait!

  7. LITERALLY! like regardless whether or not you support non-binary ppl you can't deny that is saves a couple characters! like cmon just use they and save the time 😩

  8. i mean they did say in the show that stain was being experimented on so

  9. Squid teacher who just looks like a normal dude in a Squid costume who sings about the ocean Edit: his name is Steven the squid

  10. i think my comment didn't post so ill say it again lol. Liking CHILDREN/MINORS as an older person is not a sexuality, it is jailtime waiting to happen. In other words, "love is love" is referring to loving who you want regardless of GENDER, not AGE.

  11. As much as people's opinions can piss me off sometimes, if certain ones were to be censored then where could you even draw the line?

  12. oh my god bruh way to make me scared to sleep 😭😭

  13. i think it was kirbys return to dreamland. ah, memories

  14. the vid make it look like hes trying not to go feral lol

  15. i just kept talking to him till he shut up lol, no new info for him to give anymore

  16. Leaning towards grass because funny weed cat but might choose fire depending on what the splatfest actually asks (best starter TYPE or best STARTER)

  17. Yes we have, the coffin's name is coffin, the train's name is train, and the briefcase is briefcase. They don't need names other than that. The clock's name is also clock, not tony or some other bullshit. Just clock. Same w the sketchbook. I don't understand why they need names. The whole point of the show is that most of the characters don't have names that we know of.

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