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  1. I love this! Do you know if this is based off of a woodblock or story? Would love to explore this for my back

  2. What style of art is that? I want that style of leopard on my back.

  3. I have done 18 RF gems to 20/20 so far this league in ssf. Maybe we hit on the next round!

  4. I am one of the friends and would like to know :)

  5. Back piece for first one? I love it, but not a fan of the lime green. Just preference tho. Make sure to post progress!

  6. If I was anywhere close I would try for Authent ink in Sydney.

  7. Seungman is awesome. Session 2 of my sleeve coming soon. Looks awesome man. That white multi colored fish is a banger.

  8. They have a link to a spreadsheet on the about area in this sub

  9. Nothing really similar to what the guy I posted is doing. :/

  10. Ahh ok my fault I figured there was someone with something close. GL on the hunt. I looked for a few weeks before I ran across someone I trusted.

  11. Is there a story behind the art? I love this imagery

  12. Excited for my arm being done by Meta in October!

  13. If you are in the Austin area there are a few artists in town that might fit your ask. Let me know the area and I can try to assist. I recently did a bunch of research and I landed on IG: meta_tattooer also check out erikaxel_atx

  14. I remember it was a treat to go out to eat but the holy grail was when my mom let me get a drink instead of water.

  15. Are you looking for unglazed clay, glazed clay/porcelain, or transparent glassware? Unglazed will affect the taste of tea, they're good if you know what you're getting into and drink teas that usually work well with unglazed pots (most commonly oolong and pu'er). Glazed teaware will be more neutral and not affect the taste of the tea when compared to unglazed. There's probably the most variety and options with glazed teaware. Lastly, if you like being able to see-through things, glass teaware will be what you're looking for.

  16. TBH a post like this is super helpful! Im not sure the main thing I have drank in the past is the gunpower green. Normally I will drink it in the day with a hookah and friends.

  17. All right, I take back my thing about "Asian" vs "European" thing then. I oversimplified it too much...

  18. I cant tell you how helpful this is! I am going to do just what you said and do some research on the brewing styles while I await their arrival.

  19. Are you wanting something different playstyle or similar?

  20. Obviously very bias but Earthbound aka Mother 2 was the most beautiful game growing up and I still enjoy it to this day.

  21. You can't get demoted from diamond lol. May the mercs be with you.

  22. I’m confused… what’s the point of going past 50 gold for Econ?

  23. Dps, please. Wait for a heal before you go in and kill yourself again.

  24. I ordered a reefer-s 1000 and got it the same week. 2 weeks ago

  25. Distribution for Red Sea is in Houston TX for the US. I ordered on the red sea site, but I called to make sure they had one before I ordered.

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