1. The guys might be confused. But I’m sure not. Mistakes were made there.

  2. Russia must be invading. Tell my wife I want little Caesar’s on Milpas for my last meal

  3. In lieu of flowers please lay hot and ready breadsticks at my grave

  4. Kenny, an innocent child of God. Spenny, Hitler’s son.

  5. Talk with your cardiologist before enjoying BBQ deli burritos

  6. It's like a glimpse into the universe where Batman is at his most boring and neurotic.

  7. Wonder if there’s any way to tell where exactly on the property this took place

  8. Are you asking if your un-submitted in-progress application can be reviewed against the final submitted product? I’m thinking hard “no.”

  9. Cross street? Wouldn’t mind walking by and trying to catch a glimpse

  10. Uhhh, ok lol. Is that supposed to mean anything?

  11. He’s having a tough day :/ poor little fella, trolling in a small town subreddit to make himself feel important

  12. I’ve been meaning to ask this question except I need to know the episode where Kenny shits on Spenny’s face as a humiliation

  13. A window into the evil in this world (is that what Wolfish says?)

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