1. jaghatai khan vs fulgrim!

  2. Even bigger plot twist! Clonegrim and Guilliman join forces to kill Fulgrim only for Trazyn to steal Fulgrim for his museum and Clonegrim dies tragically

  3. Byleth: What I'd give for some sweet, sweet dragon booty

  4. Byleth: First off, he's not here. Second, EWWWWWW!!!

  5. Oh that's a shame - going through the original six Dune novels was one of the most profound literary experiences I've had. But hey, if it ain't your cup of tea than so be it....might I recommend you try audiobooks? That's how managed to do it and am thankful I did. Strictly speaking I've only ever "read" Dune itself.

  6. I tried audio and I honestly couldn't stand the dialogue or internal thoughts moments, unfortunately the way Herbert writes drives me crazy the only stuff I liked are when he has the characters shut up and just goes into the lore or the world.

  7. Betting on that legendary Brazilian GF

  8. I don't, she's not the worst and she has been through hell, and yet I still don't like her.

  9. hrgggghnnn, alfonse i'm dying... let me rip off my shirt first...

  10. Alfonse: tearing up your shirt as you are dying is Emblian tradition and is considered an honourable way to die..... SO STOP SALIVATING KIRAN!!!

  11. There's going to be one where Ahko takes all the girls for herself, calling it now.

  12. Pretty sure necrophilia was illegal in Cyrodiil too but we all know about a certain dunmer shopkeep

  13. And a certain champion that for some reason knew exactly what the fine was for such an offence.

  14. Obnoxious?! I'll have you know that the oujo-sama laugh is the greatest laugh to come into existence you heretic!

  15. If she does, definitely a rival for Mimimi's beauty

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