Wife catches her cheating husband

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  1. Hard rock & metal have extremely recognizable voices (the singer of AC/DC for instance), but they'll rarely be at the top of lists like this, unfortunately.

  2. This is an amazing study in body language. This should be the official video used in psychology to teach the "fight, flight or freeze" fear response. They both freeze up to an almost cartoonish degree. They don't even blink. Then the girl tries to lie and even though it's clear she's not even fooling herself, she doubles down. Then she looks to him for approval and he gives her absolutely nothing. He's acting like a dog who ripped up the garbage and then refuses to look at his mess once he's been caught. The smile on her is also amazing. If you described the concept of a smile to an alien who's never seen a human being before, and then told him to try to smile, this is what it'd look like. Amazing how cheaters seem to never prepare themselves for the possibility that they might get caught. They always seem so surprised.

  3. Between fighting, fleeing and freezing, to me freezing seems by far the best option in this particular case. Fighting or fleeing will only worsen things. So waiting and seeing how the wife is taking things doesn't seem so bad. Letting her in control might be the best strategy, especially since she's so calm about it.

  4. What he means is that they've already fired missiles over Japan in the past. It's nothing new.

  5. I'm surprised at the only 48.8% for the online cheating resulting in a ban from tournament.

  6. I guess yeah if the cheating is public, so that the elo lost can be "reimbursed" afterwards if necessary, that's definitely not too bad (though on principle, I'd rather still not have it either).

  7. The super long nails. It's repulsive to me. I don't want your sharp appendages near any of my skin.

  8. A lot of the rest of the world actually uses DD/MM/YYYY which blows my mind as I cannot wrap my head around why anyone would use this inverted format as a standard; at least MM-DD, YYYY has roots in things such as newspapers where the current year is implied and the year is only placed for archiving.

  9. It's his shoulder. The thing that looks like his shoulder in the picture is actually the chest of the white-hat girl behind him.

  10. One question- They say the asteroid is the size of a football stadium and that they collided at 15,000 mph. This Video looks much much slower: Is it slowed down? if so... the last minute camera shake/adjustments or course corrections make no sense if realtime is 10x or something... anyone know whats happening?

  11. Have you ever walked towards a distant mountain? Or even took a plane towards a distant mountain. If you're filming the mountain, it looks like you're barely moving.

  12. Well I had assumed the camera is using some kind of zoom (that perhaps it's decreasing the closer it gets, which would explain the shakes). If it wasn't zoomed, it would indeed get from a spec to crash nearly instantly.

  13. This guy threatens someone with his gun like that? In my opinion he should have it confiscated and like a 10 year ban from gun possession.

  14. some shit called tenet... still no clue what they were trying to say, but they sure were trying

  15. I don't think that's pretentious though... Just hard to understand.

  16. but that's what I find so pretentious about it. fanboys are like "you just don't understand, it's actually really smart" like no, Nolan failed at telling the story he was trying to tell.

  17. I'll have to come back to you on that one. There are several movies that took me a couple viewings to fully understand and appreciate them (such as Cloud Atlas for instance), and to me that's not a problem. I usually enjoy rewatching a movie a few years later, and I particularly love when I gain a new appreciation to it. I hope it will be the case for Tenet, but nothing is sure... Hopefully those who said that there is something smart to understand aren't just fanboys :p

  18. There was one a while ago. Some kid was trying to do a stake boarding trick and failing. Woman came up and gave him encouragement and praise. Really nice of her.

  19. Justement, je pense que c'est le point. Il y a des milliers d'abrutis (surtout les scooteristes qui n'ont pas le permis - 50cc - et qui n'ont pas de points à perdre) qui prennent les voies de vélos parce que ça les arrange. Mais si on offre un cadre légal, avec un respect des autres, avec une vitesse réduite, en quoi on met en danger les autres ?

  20. Le plus grand facteur d'accident (hors alcool et équivalents) vient de la différence de vitesse de véhicules roulant dans une même voie, c'est pour ça que sur l'autoroute il est tout aussi dangereux de rouler trop lentement que trop rapidement.

  21. Je vais prendre sur moi pour te donner deux raisons (j'ai trop de karma) : En cas de mauvaise météo, nous ne sommes pas soumis aux mêmes conditions que les personnes tranquillement assises dans leur voiture, avec chauffage et radio. Conduire une moto c'est très risqué, mais avec le froid, l'eau, et des conditions agravées, c'est dans l'intérêt de personne qu'un motard reste derrière une voiture. (Peu importe son équipement) Le deuxième point c'est l'inconfort. On n'est pas juste assis. On tient un engin de 130kg en moyenne entre nos jambes. Le corps travaille en permanence.

  22. Les 100 dernières fois où un motard est venu m'enfumer sur la piste cyclable, la météo était nickel.

  23. The more my duel adversary rages, the more I'm laughing.

  24. not only did he absolutely not need to turn the wheel like he did, but he also had soooo much time to slow down or simply turn the wheel the other way to course correct. dude definitely just said fuck it and killed everyone.

  25. Can't wait for his classical games, feel like he will go on a streak

  26. Thing is with classical, with his (kind of near-impossible) objective of 2900, he needs to win so much, that even draws are unacceptable, that I wonder if it's not going to make him play (if ever so slightly) uncharacteristically, like maybe a bit riskier (which could backfire, in classical time control against top players, it's so hard to get an advantage).

  27. I can’t believe the teacher gave his phone back after that?! Teacher is just reenforcing the shitty behavior. I’d walk the phone down to the main office and probably “accidentally” drop it a few times along the way.

  28. He had just put his hand to his throat... Which basically means : "give me back my phone, or else".

  29. Sucker punching with all your strength is a potentially lethal attack.

  30. As long as they don't make jokes with "crying with laughter" emotes, about people that are dying in the street as they tweet, I'm good with any political opinions one might have.

  31. I don't think the problem is his positions, but more so the fact that he was making insulting jokes about people currently dying (regardless of a political topic).

  32. I don't even understand how people are asking why he was filming? to evidence her abuse ofcourse.

  33. Exactly, if it comes to the point where he is forced to defend himself, and then the police comes and they're both hurt... Without the video, he's fucked.

  34. I don't know if this will work here, but in a few very rare games, I need to tick (or untick?) the box "Hide DS4 Controller" (from the Settings tab) for it work.

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