1. the guns on twd are very shit, the handling recoil and everything else is godawfull

  2. Congrats to the kid finally someone asked something so retarded that not even you want to reply

  3. Yup, i would give my left nut to even have the chance to tryout for the rangers

  4. You shouldn't, they have more people and are more dedicated to the game

  5. Sanguinius and i am the "my dad would beat up your dad" kind

  6. "Ele aparece toda hora em anuncio do youtube com o mesmo discurso dos coach de curso."

  7. E se tem alguem q pode falar sobre isso é ele, dono de vários canais com + de 1milhao uma porrada de página gigante, sem falar nos sites

  8. Que copia conteúdo de canais gringos sem dar crédito cujo maior esforço é traduzir, nem editar o cara se da ao trabalho. Chega ao cumulo de usar as mesmas imagens do conteúdo original.

  9. Your actions were completely reasonable, and i have to say, i am siting here with a calm mind and i know that i would have acted just like you did if not worse

  10. Bombeiro de Aeródromo e socorrista,dois empregos pra tirar 9k. Minha esposa é pedagoga e tira 8k Tenho 57. Já dei entrada na aposentadoria...Deve demorar um pouco, quero ficar só num emprego.

  11. Why would it matter? Go if you're going to go.

  12. How do you feel about the brazilian army?

  13. personally i think i will have a great time during conscription,

  14. a maior parte do territorio do rio de janeiro não esta sobre dominio do governo, então sempre q vejo algo sobre isso multiplico por 10x

  15. He should repeat the triumvirate. I love the Lion but he's unfortunately a little too wily. Dorn should take over his role.

  16. I have heard like 5 times now that the lion is at least autistic or special in some way

  17. https://www.nationwidechildrens.org/conditions/aspergers-syndrome#:~:text=What%20are%20the%20Symptoms%20of,unusual%20sensitivity%20to%20sensory%20stimuli

  18. I want to say the later 200s! 100% past Chapter 267, but on VIZ, you can sign up to read any of the manga (until you’re all caught up) for $2 a month! I wish I had a more exact timeline for you, but that’s what I found!

  19. used your comment as a base and found it, you just saved me a lot of time, in anyone wants to know its chapter282

  20. I stole a gold plated sink handle from one of his bathrooms in 2010. Still have it.

  21. Yeah, basically all of the males should be over the 100kg mark

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