1. Is bolinas good for beginner? Aren’t there sharks

  2. Good point - easy to forget that intermediate and advanced surfers are also impervious to sharks

  3. Fight all you want its the senate. Soon as its 51-49 you don't run the machine.

  4. Personally, if the nats made the playoffs this year then I would watch them in the playoffs. That’s just me though

  5. The advice is don’t rent a car within the city. You’ll be targeted for out of state plates, or the stickers on the car noting it as a rental.

  6. Long story short, there aren’t any. I lived in sf for 7 years and had virtually no luck within an hour of the city.

  7. We are tied for 2nd worst record in the NL. You can’t be second worst in the league and simultaneously expect to be heralded as “a developing team on the upswing.” Also, who cares what national media is writing?

  8. Why restrict what people want to do with their time / money / life? It has no impact on you

  9. Hijacking this post in hopes that someone can explain why I should buy a jersey in the first place. They just seem like an expensive, unnecessary accessory that everyone seems to own.

  10. Jumping in a t-shirt is like going for a hike in jeans. If it works and doesn’t get in your way, and holds up to the abuse, great. Jerseys are like hiking pants - they try to fix the stuff that’s annoying about hiking in jeans. The good ones don’t inflate, don’t ride up, don’t get as hot as a jumpsuit, don’t inhibit your movement, don’t blow out or wear out from the abuse of freefall, and provide consistent drag. But if t-shirts work great for you, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  11. Join the Facebook group. There’s also a WhatsApp group of newer jumpers in SF who coordinate rides out on the weekend. Ask about it in the Facebook group and someone will add yiy

  12. enjoy an era starting with a 4 from Corbin (i know i am) because it aint gonna last. his peripherals point to some severe regression (6.09 xERA), which sucks.

  13. Time to get back out there - I wouldn’t call any of these a “make” but if you can get this close, you can do a good one

  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/skateboarding/comments/13sg8if/improved_kickflip_from_yesterdays_attempts/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1

  15. Yeah how aren't we forcing children to wear helmet and pads? Tony fucking hawk wore them?

  16. The native might know some more generalities about the city and how it has changed, but if you never lived in it you wouldn’t know it nearly as well as someone who has. Not even close

  17. Perhaps not a misconception, but I never imagined I’d be holding hands and making formations on a dirt lot with people older than my parents. Regularly

  18. one waist-high ledge being skateable is different than the entire embarcadero being unknobbed

  19. Join a Facebook group and ask if you can park in someone’s driveway for $20

  20. Am i the only one doing a massive double take seeing Carl Edwards Jr on this list?

  21. He has 1 XBH in that span, and only 2 others the rest of the season. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

  22. He pitched 600 more innings in the first 8 years, to explain the CYA delta

  23. How to litter in the coolest way. Naw I’m sure they hiked back up to get it.

  24. Believe it or not, the people who do this stuff want to continue being able to do this stuff. Generally they’re extremely conscious of “leave no trace” and this guy, Gabe, is pretty well known for jumping inflatables and other props that he picks up later

  25. Horizontal speed will not change your vertical speed at impact. Flips will not change your vertical speed.

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