1. I think the songwriting on alpha is kinda unbeatable. Beta is better produced for sure but it doesn’t have the same feel yk

  2. Why is The Undertale OSt so low? Also you have the biggest hot take by ranking A Charlie Brown soundtrack so high.

  3. I really love both soundtracks but the Charlie Brown soundtracks just fill me with joy idk man

  4. Jacob collier, by fantano fan standards. Sure he’s super extra, but underneath all of the ear candy is some great songwriting.

  5. Huge respect for the peggy and liturgy placement. I wasn’t too crazy about the Caroline polachek album but she’s crazy talented for sure.

  6. Listen to WE CHANGE by Clarence clarity. Huge Halloween vibe

  7. Christtt - Deep Dark Trench (Plunderphonics, Vaporwave)

  8. The Future Sound of London

  9. What album is 4th row 6th column, I feel like I’ve seen it before

  10. In a video (I’m not sure which one, I think it might have been his live with Jacob collier) porter said that the voice filtered parts of nurture are supposed to be part of his inner/emotional monologue, while the unfiltered parts are his external monologue. For example, take the first part of the something comforting verse and listen to it as porter having a conversation with himself. If you were to copy that concept, I would say you’d be ripping off of him. But if you are filtering your voice just for the sound then I’d say you’re totally fine. People have been filtering their voices forever. Don’t sweat it

  11. I was gonna say the wind tempos edit too u beat me to it

  12. check out nurture by porter robinson, its like the epitome of hopeful music

  13. as much as imagine dragons is a meme, night visions goes hard as hell, anyone who says otherwise is a closeted fan

  14. Bruh, obviously not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Nah dude that’s not right. You have every right to be bothered by it.

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