[DISC] Chainsaw Man - Chapter 86

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  1. Gorr takes this... Teleportation, intangibility and necrosword is too much for darkseid to handle

  2. Tbf, it's not that it's too much to handle, he just has zero feats as darkseid. The only feats he has is as uxas, but he didn't have his omega powers then which we know he has as darkseid.

  3. It's probably retconned in some way like how observation used to let Enel and others mind read kinda. Haki definitely isn't the most consistent thing in the series lol.

  4. That wasn't a retcon... Enel used mantra, which is just another word for Haki. Reighley even tells luffy this during his training arc before time skip.

  5. This is such a annoying fight to pick because we all know MCU Hulk is so nerfed. Like he doesn’t even win basic fist fight combat anymore. But it’s the same canon character that was in The Incredible Hulk that was at least, the angrier he got, the stronger he was. Because he’s so nerfed now, it’s almost idiotic to not pick Luffy. But we all know at even at a base level, Hulk should be deadlier as he gets angrier.

  6. Tbh, Ruffulo hulk has better feats than Nortons hulk. If this was Nortons hulk, it would be even more of a stomp.

  7. If it's no morals, Shazam statues Omni Man and he feeds him his own heart, like Omni Man did to Homelander in the death battle

  8. Even if its morals Shazam, Omni-Man has no chance

  9. Don't have to scale to lucifee or the presence to cut off adam due to the powers not being his own.

  10. Sounds more nd more like cap on ur end lmao.

  11. The location that they fight in, that's what loses, cos they'd destroy existence before they destroy each other 😩😭😭😭

  12. Black Adam is not and has never been Captain Marvel’s (Shazam’s) Lex Luthor or Joker. That’s Dr. Sivana.

  13. Hes basically Shazam's Zod where as Sivanna is Lex Luthor

  14. I know he has the powers of zeus but he is not on the same level as zeus, so scaling him to zeus doesn't make sense

  15. The power of Zeus is more of an amplifier, it amplifies his other powers.

  16. I mean he's not that wise despite having Solomon in his name since he's just a kid. Maybe he'll get experience in the future.

  17. He has to tap into Solomons wisdom to be as wise as Solomon, but he's clearly inexperience and doesn't know how to do that yet.

  18. Black Adam may win against thor, but I don't think Shazam does coz he is still discovering his full potential.

  19. Yh, if Billy doesn't find a way to tap into the Wisdom Of Solomon, Thor will beat him. But I'd give fully realised Shazam the win.

  20. Thor. More experience, plus a whole new level of power during the events of Ragnarok. Now after IW/Endgame/Love & Thunder, Thor is an older, wiser, seasoned vet. He could single-handily wipe out all the players within this very limited DCEU, maybe except for Wonder Woman and Black Adam. Maybe Dr. Fate.

  21. I reread the chapter where they run into Arthur's family in the Nether.

  22. I always assumed it wasn't about the speed but how they use it. Superman, Cheetah, Shazam and Wonderwoman can't reset time or create parallel universes with their speed, they can't phase through walls or vibrate their molecules to the point that things go nuclear, get me?

  23. He's also only human and humans make stupid mistakes – especially while intoxicated. He doesn't have a history of that behavior and I find it unfair that people continue to act like that one singular incident represents him as a person.

  24. Literally this... this is why is sucks being a celebrity. You do one bad thing, and boom, that's who you are now lool. Like, it's almost as if you're not allowed to atone or make up for the bad thing you did.

  25. Nah cuz its not just celebrities. Everyone period is now held to this standard of, every mistake you made while learning what mistakes not to make is now a sin held against you.

  26. True, but I think celebrities have it worse because whatever mistake they make becomes public to everyone, and then 5-10 yrs down the line, whenever they're a topic of a discussion as a celebrity, what they did 5-10 yrs ago is still brought up because their mistake was made public. Whereas if you and I made the same mistake as Antony, 1. Its not gonna be made public because... who are we? And 2. No one will give it shit because... again... who are we?

  27. So Homelander is more powerful than Ares? A Greek God?

  28. Titles dont mean much in cross-verse fiction. Homelander is stronger, tougher and faster than ww and his HV/flight would be very problematic for her.

  29. Titles don't mean a thing, but feats do... and Homelander hasn't done 1 thing that puts him above wonder woman... 😬

  30. Huh idk why my memory of it was different he def gets sent up into space or at least upper atmosphere

  31. Spidey isn't faster than chainsaw man, his spidey sense allows him to sense danger before it happens and dodges before the danger occurs, which seems like he's faster than he is. Don't get me wrong, spidey is ridiculously fast, but he's not faster than hero of hell chainsaw man, who moved so fast that he was practically teleporting.

  32. Im pretty confident that beni can one shot burns using nichirin akatsuki while he's in base or voltage nova 1-2. I'd say Beni is the strongest attacker in the force while Burns is the tankiest guy in the force. The question we should be asking is who would win if Benimaru fought Kurono

  33. We need an anime just to see Kobeni sick moves animated

  34. I swear if this author pairs this man with a minor I’m done with this series

  35. Shes barely a minor tho, she's 17, and by EOS she'll probably be in her mid 20s. But I doubt he'll pair Kikoru with Kafka, it's pretty obvious at this point that Kafka is Mina's love interest.

  36. I’m pretty sure they mention she was sixteen and she graduated earlier than most people. If I’m wrong let me know. I’ve got severe drowsiness

  37. Actually, no, you're right, just looked it up, she's 16

  38. I was hanging out with a buddy who doesn't know comics very well. He asks his 8 year old who likes comics "Who will win in a fight, Captain America, or Silver Surfer?" And I'm like "Dude, why do you hate Cap? That's just mean."

  39. If I was rhe 8 Yr old brother who likes comics, I would have just walked away shaking my head...

  40. Ehhh, I’d say that she might be able to take on Cell with extreme difficulty if we’re wanking her, but anyone past that is just hopeless.

  41. What's up with the downvotes... wtf... 😳

  42. He has one other serious issue though... the Viltrumite women are going to put two and two together real quick and attempt to super seduce the man of steel. Can even his unbendable will withstand the furnace of a billion sexy superwomen.

  43. If we're using current Superman as reference, then definitely, he's a married man who's happily married. All women are 5/10s or below to him cos of Lois.

  44. That didn't stop Anissa though, Mark put a dent on her and she got turned on even more. But if Clark goes 'equal rights equal fights' mode then it may end up as a harsh lesson for her.

  45. Well, Mark essentially got raped (that moment was sickening) but unfortunately for her, she can't rape supes, she'd get tossed to Viltrums moon before that happens.

  46. I mean, this is the same Master chief who fought the entire covenant.

  47. Ah, sorry to say, I was already convinced by someone else days ago... 😬😬😬

  48. Hey that's no downside! Nice to come to an agreeable conclusion:)

  49. Thanos has been consistently harmed by Thor, Hulk and CM.

  50. So Odin was hitting Thanls was galaxy busting attacks that were stopped and slowed down by walls. Sure.

  51. You literally haven’t presented one fact. I said “Minato is clearly not written to be a physical powerhouse” and your reply was “and yet he was laughing crying emoji”. That’s some real sterling logical argumentation.

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