1. Ken Griffin the financial terrorist.

  2. True that. I've read from the NYSE anyone's fill prior to 9:30:01am outside the LULD bands has had they're trade cancelled and after 9:30:01 the trade stands. NYSE sent a list of trades busted above and below prices on all tickers effected if anyone here needs help.

  3. Idk but I’m more interested in what the 5 stocks are to hold for a lifetime.

  4. All true but the jew not the white blurs the line of who stole what. Geffen, Sony, Atlantic, MCA, Mercury, Asylum, Warner Bros, Columbia, Ruthless, Electra, ABKCO, you name it. I get where your coming from... and there is a "trend."

  5. Ha Ha, a Mexican Hotel. This isn't real, no way. A MEXICAN HOTEL!!

  6. I’m glad it amuses you, though I really don’t find it funny. It really isn’t just “one” hotel. They own and manage 150 hotels and precovid they had a bond rating of BBB so they were investment grade, as opposed to junk bonds.

  7. It's a terrible idea, your backside behind multiple peak highs and just broke the 3 month bear flag. What are you looking at?

  8. Looks like the shorts are winning on that one. At least, as of Sept 7.

  9. I don't feel bad for anyone losing money in this market. I wouldn't put a dollar of mine into any biz I don't understand.

  10. You need a peak formation low and a lengthy consolidation. gonna be a while, sit on your hands for a bit.

  11. Let me understand you correctly — you had to read the LULU quarterly report to understand how they make money, instead of just looking at all the women around you wearing their tops/leggings?

  12. Well your the fuckin idiot pretending to trade 600 contracts a month and paying fees so figure it sweete.

  13. Holding just 2 individual stocks can be risky - not sure about selling VOO & other ETFs in place of VZ and MO.

  14. Well, why be long, long term on the backside of a market making lower peak highs and lows. Rule 1 is don't countertrend the peak formation, easier to trade with the trend.

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