2 years today i never even kissed a girl, today she said yes 😊(OC)

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  1. As a man, what the fuck! What dirty fuckers! if my friend smelled like shit all the time I’d be like bro wash your arse you smell like shit…

  2. Rip each other to shit about clothes, make up, hair, size..anything and everything and not even realise what arseholes your being to each other

  3. I’m gonna say that when I was 16 I was much better informed on politics due to following in school for classes like social studies etc now in my 40’s and I’m nowhere near as informed. Also having people vote young I would hope that there would be better forward planning from politicians rather then just focusing on winning the next election with hollow promises

  4. Ok people are gonna call bullshit but in bed in whangarei last night on ipad and the bed thrummed I froze thinking it was weird, happened again and I thought it might have been a quake so then checked the time and it was like 11:50pm. wake up to see this…if it wasn’t for there being No traffic around I would have thought it was just from a truck or something, someone else from my suburb reported it as being felt too on GeoNet

  5. This is why they should ditch the best before…it’s NOT expired it’s just past the peak best period to eat, it’s still fine to eat…so much food waste due to this

  6. Evasion, lying, grabbing women by their pussys

  7. I constantly forget to put them back in my car so have to either buy more of them or paper bags depending if I got a haul of wine to carry

  8. Here in New Zealand we went nuclear free in the 1980s as punishment the US froze us out of joint military training exercises etc but with china getting more of a toe hold in the pacific we’ve been somewhat allowed back into the club.

  9. Except this is about the US and Australia. NZ is irrelevant in this

  10. While Yes this specific example is between the US and OZ the NZ experience with going nuclear free (both for weapons and power) is extremely relevant to the conversation as an example of a nation that did it and the repercussions as a result from a close Ally(s)

  11. Keep sparklers please they quiet and cool…loved them more as a kid then the scary loud ones

  12. I think they should have switched rolls and had her be the engineer who woke him up

  13. Congratulations guys! Good things come to those who wait aye!

  14. What a bitch…now for my duckling story…100km area but doing about 80km as going round a bend and get confronted a few meters ahead by a mama and babies, couldn’t break or swerve but mama duck rushed ahead and left a gap between her and the babies and I lined up for that and was super lucky that my tyres passed between the ducklings and mama duck missing them all (slowed right down and could see in rear view mirror) they all carried on to the next lane and I flashed my lights at the oncoming cars hard out and they slowed and though I went around another bend on my way to work the next day there were no squashed anything’s in the spot so good good!

  15. No! Not triangle face! I hate triangle face!

  16. I didn’t like his casting can’t not see the doctor or prince Phillip so it pulls me out of the show when he’s on screen

  17. Wonton soup using brought frozen wontons…also a go to hungover feed

  18. I’ll never trust an idyllic stone cottage again

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