1. I don't think anyone says "Guten Nachmittag"? Never heard it, anyways.

  2. Is Tach like regional or dialectical? How do u pronounce the ch of Tach, k or just in the standard way?

  3. "ch" is only ever pronounced "k" if followed by "s" (forming the trigram "chs") & only if the "s" is a part of the stem (so e.g. not with the genitive of "Dach", "Dachs", but for "Dachs" meaning "badger"), as in "Luchs" or "Lachs", or possibly with loan words. Here, it's a somewhat "slurred" version of "Tag", meaning the "ch" is a /x/ as in "Nacht", "Dach" or "Fach"

  4. They have Seepferdchen? What award has David Hasselhoff not won? Truly a German hero.

  5. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

  6. Since when is torture fun, wth.

  7. There was also a bob campaign in my hometown Gießen. It was maybe 15 years ago and was promoted a lot by some radio stations, the police and the city and county administration. Have a look at this OG website:

  8. I totally forgot that. I had one of those foam rubber keychains :D

  9. Not sure. Best guess is their whatever the dinosaurs where.

  10. Are you suggesting birds don't exist?

  11. In our street in Hamburg, we habe both, and additionally, big containers.

  12. Ein kleiner Haufen internationaler Redaktionen , Agenturen wie Reuters und leitmedien wie der Spiegel, die noch Kapital für angeblichen investigativen journalismus haben, erschaffen den ganzen content. und der Rest der Medien, der komplett heruntergewirtschaftet ist und oft Teil von größeren Konglomeraten , kopiert deren narrative und Nachrichten.

  13. :) glaubenssysteme. Die der angeblichen bildungsbürger sind die besten. Man glaubt Medien natürlich wenn sie dir versichern dass man irgendwie doch richtig liegt.

  14. Danke für die Tipps, werde ich mir bei Gelegenheit ansehen! :)

  15. If you wake up in the morning it's customary to greet people.

  16. Sorry but germans think every country in middle east riding camels and flying with carpets. So first of all educate yourself before blame US people.

  17. Sorry for the experience you seem to have had, but that's not at all what an average German would think.

  18. Online a bunch, twice on Crete, couple times in Croatia. Though tbf the Croatians were all piss drunk and maybe just trying to get a rise out of us. Oh and had an Aussie greet us with Hitlergruss in Germany aswell.

  19. 15 feet in in what kind of container? A Olympic pool? Oil barrel? Inflatable ball pits?

  20. I think they meant 15' distance rather than depth? Not sure though. Game sounds stupid af

  21. Germans and Russians are always depicted as the bad guys but you're one of the good ones <3

  22. Well, he is an American, not a German, so that checks out.

  23. I mean I'm not Austrian but I've read online that the Austrian name is /jeː/ or "yee"(?) (idk how to pronunciation respell it)

  24. Not an American. Please, I’m a man of spice and culture. Hamburgers and guns aren’t my thing. :p

  25. But it really depends to whom this question is targeted to right? a redditor who is over 50 yrs old could have heard stories from their deceased grandparents or even parents during the second world war. If this question is about todays younger generation whose grandparents are around 70-90 yr old, then i guess highly unlikely

  26. I'm 30 and my grandmas were born in 1916 and 1927. Don't know about my grandpas' birthdates though, never got to know them. One of them was a Wehrmacht soldier though, the other an inspector (Kriminalkommissar). Nothing to be proud of, though the latter had a part in freeing the victim of a spectacular kidnapping in the 70s.

  27. Ein sturzbesoffener Typ, der einem Zuhälter auf der total überfüllten Talstraße an die Limo gepisst hat. Wenige Augenblicke später war er auf dem Boden und der Lude über ihm.

  28. Diese Denke ist statistisch halt einfach Unsinn. Allgemein gibt es sehr wenig Arbeitssuchende unter den Leuten mit akademischen Titeln in DE, und ein humanistischer befähigt dich genauso wie ein ingenieurswissenschaftlicher Abschluss zum höheren bzw. gehobenen Dienst.

  29. We have baby gangs, especially from the outskirts of big cities. Their members are young, 15-22 yo, often second generation immigrants or natives from broken families. Their crimes include drug dealing, bag snatches, punching innocent people in the head, small thefts, damaging public and private goods, scribbling on walls, aggressive behaviour towards public officers, disturbance.

  30. I can't answer for the italians, but "immigrant gangs" (as someone pointed out, they are usually second generation so actually not immigrants in Sweden) do this in Sweden as well.

  31. Vom Finanzamt kommt das Schreiben aber ganz sicher nicht...

  32. Haha, ja, stimmt, ups. Bisschen angematscht, wahrscheinlich Sozialamt, oder wer da eben in Vorleistung tritt.

  33. Kommt drauf an. Wenn dir wirklich nichts anderes hilft und das schon, warum nicht? Natürlich gibt es solche und solche, Geld verdienen auf Kosten der Gesundheit des Patienten geht absolut garnicht klar.

  34. Es gibt bei Homöopathie nicht "solche und solche", das ist alles Scharlatanerei. Oder würdest du Exorzismus oder Aderlass auch als anwendbare Alternative zur Schulmedizin sehen?

  35. To be honest, that one word thing is a real problem in French, because an order is almost always 2 or 3 words.

  36. Same in German, almost always at least 2 or 3 words, sometimes more.

  37. A)For the next six seconds, tries to kiss the nearest creature.

  38. Well it's the first language where adoption is based on reason instead of military power... if it hasn't been widely adopted yet it's rather a reflection on humanity than the language.

  39. That's wildly incorrect, but you do you.

  40. What's incorrect? saying that without an explanation doesn't make sense, unless you just want upvotes from an echo chamber.

  41. The take that it's based on reason and that it's the only one not spread by war. Think about Kurmanji, or several indigenous languages and kreoles of peoples in the Americas, Africa, South-East Asia, Oceania and Australia. Look at the modern Norse and Baltic languages, or stuff like Schwitzerdütsch, Maltese etc., which certainly didn't evolve or stay alive because of military power.

  42. Look up "Snake opens Door" :D

  43. Gotta say, 12€ for a "fast food" Kebap is more than I've ever seen in Germany. They used to be 3€ but now it's more around 5-7€ but 12 I would maybe imagine at a "tourist trap".

  44. I've seen a fastfood Kebab for about 12€ in 2018, I was disheartened. It was the cheapest meal I found in Zürich. In Hamburg, they're nowadays usually around 6-7€, and it's one of the most expensive cities here. I can't imagine one for 12€ anywhere in Germany.

  45. Venice is not the birthplace of pasta, and i say it as a northeastern italian. Pasta comes from central southern italy but, more anciently, from greece and arabia i heard.

  46. It's actually from China (some 2300+ years ago), but came to Europe via Arabia/the Silk Road of course.

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