1. I'm gonna be honest, I'd highly advise buying a new dry herb vape. Stick with the companies have been in the game for a bit that do it best, storz and bickel (volcano, mighty+ crafty etc all amazing options for desktop/ semi poetable vapes), vapbong/collyland (my favorite desktop dry herb vape), the flowerpot b2 is spectacular if you also use concentrates (a desktop vape that fits your bongs), dynavap/ mad heaters revolve gen 2 (for a portable option).

  2. You can only "use at home." That being said, you are able to eat edibles out in public along with use carts. Now, don't be blowing smoke at people and police and you shouldn't have an issue.

  3. I'm new to the program and I'm interested in trying concentrates. I have a dynavap and tinymight 2 vaporizer. What's the best way to consume something like that?

  4. You can use rosin the dynavap either sandwich it between the bud or you can use cotton or the dynacoil for just concentrates in your dynavap. But I'd recommend a core 2.0 over the puffco.

  5. Well i assume you mean between THC rich tinctures and CBD rich tinctures. Some tinctures are going to be THC:CBD, 1:1, 1:2, 1:5, etc. All that means is the ratio of thc to CBD in the tinctures. For every 1 mg of thc its going to have 1,2,3 times the amount of cbd, cbn, etc. This let's you determine if you want just straight thc in your tincture or if you want the cbd or cbn to help you sleep or if you don't wanna be as high or high at all.

  6. Will it though? I have a vaporizer and I almost never use it. What are the advantages

  7. There's a lot of vaporizers out there, and the majority are terrible. If you're not looking to spend a lot of money, a dynavap is the best starter one. But if you're willing to drop some money on them, a vapbong, any storz and bickel, or a flowerpot will be a game changer. Not only does the flavor of the flower really come through, but it saves on so much weed. An oz used to last me a week or 2, and now an oz will last at least 3 weeks. Plus, you can eat the vaped bud.

  8. I've not been in at least 10 months but I went there exclusively for the first year they were open.

  9. Last time I was at verdant, I was in and out within 20 min, and that was with a new registration for that dispo. I agree that the parking lot is absolutely abhorrent and needs to be changed. But compared to the rest of the dispensaries, it's about the same when it comes to size and time. Only reason I said verdant is because they have some really good sale. Along with harvest and strawberry fields. I'm willing to wait longer as long as I'm not getting shafted on prices.

  10. Yes, you can, but if you are putting the powder into a bottle that you just opened, definitely sip some so there's space. It will make sodas fizz and bubble more, and once you start mixing it, it can blow up. I had black cherry soda all over my desk one day after scooping 5 or so scoops into it.

  11. The hashtoids i got from ancient roots smacked in my vapbong and lasted a good 45 min session. I highly disagree, but if you're buying moonrocks and expecting it to be your new method of smoking, you're sorely mistaking.

  12. It's bubble hash. If they press it it is then hash rosin. I highly doubt they are doing full melt hash but if it is full melt you can hit it out of a banger like any other form of wax. But mostly bubble hash makes either amazing bowl toppers or hash.

  13. I feel like my switch sucks ass . I can’t get a decent hoot at all from it. I have it in advanced mode and heat cranked. Always clean & It hardly hits a it’s seem like. Doesn’t remind me of a normal rig at all.. I don’t even cough… my 20$ nectorr collector works better. maybe I’m doing somethingwrong ?

  14. For one, what cup do you have in the switch. Secondly, what temp are you running. Do you have the original glass piece that came with it? Or did you get horribly unlucky and just got a defective switch? If you did get a defective one, I recommend either emailing or messaging them on reddit. They'll respond and if it is defective send you a new one.

  15. The dr dabber switch is my favorite "portable erig". Ive had the puffco peak, i have a puffco proxy currently, the dr dabber, and a few others. It blows the puffco out of the water. I consider the dr dabber more of a desktop device rather than a portable one, so if portability was a driving factor I'd recommend a few other devices. But if you are just looking for an e rig that you can use at home the dr dabber is perfect for that.

  16. RSO and a bag of your favorite gummy candy. It will be your new favorite edible! Plus, you can dose higher, and it's exponentially cheaper.

  17. I only buy my cannabis based on the THC content and price. Everybody that doesn't think that it matters I hope all of you are buying shake since it makes no difference there's some 12% THC shake out there you guys can get super stoned on

  18. You are backward there. People who don't buy off thc % look for the terpenes and flavonoids (which aren't listed in ohio). If you buy purely based on thc and price, then shake would be your best bet or straight distillate.

  19. I've had their diamonds and sauce before and their sugar, it's good, nothing spectacular then again it's live resin. If the price is right, I'd snag it.

  20. sorry for the stupid question, but what’s the best way for me to learn more about this? i’ll google it obviously, but i’ve had my card for a year and honestly have not found google to be super helpful.

  21. I'd also recommend trying a tincture and / or an edible that uses cannasugar, tinctures, or infusion powder. It will allow effects to come on much faster (10min-40min). I don't know your situation on being able to make your own. However, it is far cheaper to make your own edibles than buying them at the dispensary. Cannasugar, tinctures, and rso are very easy to make at home. I don't think I'm allowed to link the recipes however I will link some general info on rso and some other forms of oils for consumption.

  22. Of course dm me if you have any other questions!

  23. I highly recommend you never purchase it. It's just distillate sprayed shake. It's harsh and not worth the days. Go buy some flower and some wax, roll the flower in it. It will be the same thing but much better and less days.

  24. If you can't find any pre-made carts, get a dablicator from firelands or ancient roots and fill your own cart with the rosin. It takes 2 minutes. I'd get a ceramic cart so you don't have to let it wick for days or use any added terpenes.

  25. Given that this is checking in at about .5% total terps, they must have used some pretty awful distillate with absolutely 0 flavor. Just the ground flower alone should have more than that

  26. Distillate to me is the same no matter how "good" it's just thc to the dome. It'd be amazing if they used rosin instead of Distillate that way they don't have to add terps but seeing how rosin in our program is mediocre I see why they didn't.

  27. Do you have a recommended way to heat the jar?

  28. I use a dab press. Set my heat to 150-180 depending on the concentrate and just let it sit for a min on the hot plates.

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