1. And this is more controversial than the America one. Is beautiful!

  2. Interesting, but you still have to do tons of shit to be able to do it. It’s a long road to 1 shot kill buffs. And still find DS3 easier then ER.

  3. In which area are you trying to summon them? Farron only allows 1. Also maybe try using the dried finger? That allows 2 phantoms but also allows 2 invading phantoms

  4. Hit and run, only one or twice in the head. No summons and no help, that will distract Midir and starts dodging more, also it gives it more HP. Try using the Dark Knight ultra greatsword.

  5. Use a black knight weapon, they deal 20% extra damage to demons.

  6. And you can summon Gael and Lapp. They deal with one while you are fighting the other one.

  7. That finale was the most intense shit I’ve seen in months!! Beautiful.

  8. But i dont want it to end, there needs to be a second season

  9. There is actually! They signed a 24 episodes story so we waiting

  10. I highly recommend DS3, one of the best games I’ve ever played as well as ER. The second DLC is freaking amazing. And if you have a PlayStation try Bloddborne. These 3 are the best games from FromSoftware

  11. Nice! Working on mine as well. Should be able to get what I messed up the first run. NG+ is a lot of fun.

  12. NG+ is 150% harder than NG lol but enjoyable! Good luck hunter!

  13. You are good, I started the NG+ at 90 so it was kinda hard for me

  14. She did it without using numerals, not numbers. " Thirty one" is a number.

  15. According to the rules, "too much skin [and] underwear" is to be marked "NSFW"

  16. Technically that’s not underwear and that is a beach, would be REALLY weird to flag every beach scenario as NSFW

  17. Don’t, just people being annoying, don’t mind them!

  18. MF killed me so many times in NG+, can’t imagine NG+2. Hate that boss

  19. Women are doing well and I have a very small group and they have a good hunter to see you in a few weeks

  20. I don’t know shit about Halo, but the series was not so bad! Started playing after watching it actually and I’m fucking lost in the story lmao

  21. master chief never showed his face in the games because the player was supposed to envision themselves as him

  22. Hmmm got it, so the series should have had a more mysterious character you think? Either way, Halo had some animations in the past, it was pretty good too

  23. They add an extra shiny sticker on the physical copies...

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