1. I think fabric might be very important in making what you like work for you. Rather than stiff fabrics and super structured pieces, look for fabric that can move along with you. Also if you don’t want to draw attention to curves, maybe straight leg/wide leg pants in a softer fabric + shirts that graze over your body rather than clinging to it. That’s all i have!

  2. I think when it comes to makeup it’s best to study your face and mimic the shapes you see. For example, i have a square jaw and more prominent cheekbones- so i mimic that structure through winged eyeliner while keeper the rest of my makeup fairly natural. Lets say someone had a soft face and very full lips, keeping the rest of the face soft and minimal whole focusing on the lips would look best

  3. It's interesting to see the eyeliner example! I usually see people just saying "if you have square jaw and prominent cheekbones you should contour a lot" but that never worked for me (never really followed it for that reason)

  4. I hate contouring too lol, I think it can actually take away from what you have

  5. Thank you. Some friends say I am theatrical romantic. Don't know...

  6. I can see that too!! I would think about what kinds of fabrics look better on you - ones that are flowing and draping or ones that are a little stiffer

  7. Natural/Romantic + Royal queen, spanish energetic, and mohogany :)

  8. https://www.lulus.com/products/va-va-voom-black-backless-midi-dress/247570.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=%5BADL%5D%20%5BPLA%5D%20Dresses%20-%20%7BN%7D&utm_term=KD8156ALU%3A%20BLACK5&utm_content=114721735912_483788621736&s_kwcid=AL%217824%213%21483788621736%21%21%21g%211056061603901%21&gclid=Cj0KCQiAvqGcBhCJARIsAFQ5ke74lQe3W2tYDjKObm3KKgV25IOquZ-v133IOU9E4RvR4dzQzyXVcgcaApx0EALw_wcB

  9. I like it! I think you could make it better if you tucked the straps into the dress to make it look strapless

  10. Okok, thank you! I wouldn't have thought about the straps. Why do you think it would look better without them?

  11. You have (beautifully!) strong shoulders, and i think the narrow strap kinda cuts them in half! I think without the straps, you and the dress will truly shine

  12. *Looks at c cup bust invisible in silhouette from the front view*

  13. Jenna Marbles did an amazing sketch about this about six billion years ago.

  14. I think this is such a simple shirt it could really work with any ID, or any pants that you like :)

  15. TR would not have width. They tend to be the most Petite, really. I think you might be looking at resources that really overstate the yang in TR? But overall SCs are balanced and symmetrical, and have some curve/softness, but it would be secondary to their overall symmetry. TRs tend to be small and have what we might see today as narrow curves, with some elements of sharpness.

  16. Adding on to this, TRs pretty much have the opposite of width - their “yang” manifests in a very narrow frame/shoulders

  17. Also: Crimson Ethereal and Sun Ethereal

  18. I agree , she has a really playful vibe coupled by long limbs but a petite appearance

  19. I would try some of the following: wrap dresses and wrap tops, pastel colors, florals, prairie dress

  20. Wrap style clothing would definitely fit with my mum life lifestyle as I am still breastfeeding. I'm not sure pastels work with me though, I find they wash me out. I think I'm a deep autumn in term of colour seasons. Do deeper colours still fit in with having an ingenue essence?

  21. just go for the lighter end of dark autumn colors (like a dusty rose, mauves, teals)

  22. sorry just seen this. i'm a pretty private person so will pm you!!

  23. Like with natural, edgy, romantic essence but for an SN

  24. what is edgy essence like i’ve never heard of that, i’ll help u out, i just wanna know what it is like what system or whatever

  25. I just looked at the Kitchener essences and I guess what I mean is dramatic

  26. OH okay yeah that makes perfect sense okay so - I would say dark colors is obvious, wrap dress and tops (v-neck + plus waist emphasis!), bigger accessories that still have a soft and rounded shape, darker glossy lips and/or smokey eyes, materials like satin and leather/faux leather, almond-for/slightly pointed toe shoes, large dark florals, teased curls or updos with those 90s face framing strands

  27. I wonder why they disagree when he put those descriptions in his book. Is it one of the things he's changed recently?

  28. Yeah pretty much. In SK he still encourages analysis of old hollywood but now it’s more about finding your personal “silhouette/lines” than creating a look based around the sort of old-hollywood persona you could embody.

  29. Makes sense. I'm starting to think there should be a division of Kibbiers. Like Kibbe Traditionalists and Strictly Kibbiers. Lol.

  30. This part also weirded me out at first but I think the commenter is saying she’s “a beautiful D or beautiful SD” but didn’t word it properly

  31. Like i was thinking that too but sometimes kibbe-people can be freaks 😭 it’s a fun game

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