1. Yeah he should totally stand there and let you hit him.

  2. Yea he should totally backstep till the cows come home too great boxing

  3. It’s a video game, not real boxing 👍

  4. Whether that true or not (that it’s his neighbor), I would suspect that mental health is definitely at play here.

  5. You could argue that almost all odd/dangerous behaviour has a mental health problem at its root

  6. What's this about Brand? He's a knob but that kind of stuff from him would genuinely surprise me. Unless it was during his addict era maybe.

  7. He was famous for shagging around, in all honesty it would only take a couple of women who felt they were promised more than they got to make an example of him regardless if he did anything or not.

  8. Things you can only say on the internet. 😂 🤣

  9. Tyan is a boxer too tbf, albeit not a famous or successful one. Given Tyan is about 6 inches taller and at least 20 lbs heavier (probably more walking around) I’d fancy Tyan in a street fight.

  10. If he thinks Undisputed is Fight Night why would you think anything else he said is correct?! 😅

  11. Because he might not play games, but he knows when his money should start coming in.

  12. Well he’s either talking about Fight Night and we are doing him a disservice (he was a FN cover star after all!) or he’s not got a scooby what’s going on!

  13. Not sure why you got down voted, animations look worse than they did in the preview 2 years ago. Game needs a LOT of work

  14. The problem for me is the non-combat movement animations are extremely fluid and the combat is like Rock’em, Sock’em Robots at times. The two next to each other just look really jarring.

  15. Never for an instant thought he'd play, but it still sucks to read.

  16. Time to get rid. Hopeless. Meanwhile in Turkey, Cenk has scored a goal every 122 minutes this season.

  17. Aye. Thing about Tosun is, his minutes per goal for Everton wasn’t that bad for someone who never had a proper run. It was a goal every 264 minutes, DCL is currently on one every 255! Not that much different.

  18. As soon as a model comes out that’s as good as ChatGPT but without censorship Chat will be dead, the AltaVista of LLMs.

  19. Aside from that, whoever tasered a 95 year old woman using a walking aid is not a policeman either.

  20. Are you into getting stabbed? What would you have done? Whatever mental image you have of the situation is yours, unless you were in that exact situation you couldn’t even comprehend what to do in a split second.

  21. Have they stopped updating the game now? They were getting into a rhythm with it and now nothing in ages.

  22. This is so disguting, they ruined so many kids lifes. What a bunch of animals. Why it took so long to be charged? jesus.

  23. Often is the case that the girls are in care so their lives were already pretty tough, they initially see the men as boyfriends/people who care about them until the bastards slowly up the ante and pimp them out. That’s why it’s hard initially to prosecute, they run away from care to their “boyfriend” regularly and dont co-operate with police. There are sick people out there that prey on the vulnerable, these girls are chosen because they are easy to exploit and often have unstable living arrangements.

  24. this game wouldn’t do him justice he’d be standing up stiff as a flag pole doing loose movement

  25. Fata Morgana, stretches distorts ships, etc, just over the horizon.

  26. The only problem with this theory is there is barely any drilling in the Atlantic, and none of it is in anywhere near Turks & Caicos.

  27. So I reckon what’s probably happened is the aliens have moved an oil rig there. 😅

  28. It wouldn’t bother me, especially if you told me the situation. As long as the job was done to the right quality and within the agreed timescale I’d be fine with it.

  29. To the right quality at the agreed price would be it for me. The timescale is exactly what is likely to slip on this basis.

  30. Use denim to clean deodorant off of fabric. Take a pair of jeans and rub it on the spot, watch it go away.

  31. How do I get it off the jeans? Is it like the woman who swallowed a fly, you have to keep on finding larger garments to wipe it off on? At the end I’m just using a wedding dress or something.

  32. There is the blue Hasbro ring that came with a sound FX board?

  33. I agree with this, but sadly it sends off the wrong message these days to show any kind of support.

  34. What’s the wrong message? It’s hardly a binary issue is it? Pardon the pun.

  35. You need to turn the central counties into a demilitarised zone.

  36. And people that are petrified of going outside by themselves and people who are physically insecure.

  37. So to mitigate XL Bully dogs killing we should ban 8 daschunds being walked together?

  38. I don’t necessarily think we need to have a limit on the number of dogs you can walk without any evidence but if such a rule should exist it would be more sensible to have some kind of cumulative dog weight to walker weight ratio than a total number of dogs.

  39. I legit saw this and thought “wow that looks amazing!” then realised it was FN 🫣

  40. Your comment made my day. Glad you exist bud.

  41. He’s the kind of guy who would try to hug it out with someone who was trying to machete them to death I feel. Kudos to you good sir.

  42. I think we get at least 4 points from the next two or we are probably going down. Focusing on probabilities in football for two games is silly tbh, so much variance - just look how our percentages have changed throughout the last month or so.

  43. I found the story. That's her back garden which backs onto a carpark that the council have closed and decided to sell. Presumably the council didn't want to sell the land with access to people's properties?

  44. She’s removed her back wall to give herself access and now the council want to sell and have secured access. I’m pretty sure she could just put her wall and fence back and plant another hedge and it’d be fine, she wouldn’t even see it. I’m guessing her main gripe is she’s got used to having access to a massive car park in her back garden and now she’s annoyed it’s going.

  45. In the UK that’s an easement. And boy o boy is that going to be a mess to sort out legally.

  46. I obviously don’t know the history but it looks like her wall was purposefully taken down to gain access so it might not be a right of way.

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