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  1. It’s NY man, op probably doesn’t have room for a pair of speakers.

  2. I'm literally looking at the room for speakers in this photo. Also this is the home theater subreddit - not the "I own a projector" subreddit.

  3. I gotta admit that was definitely weirder than I was expecting

  4. Yeah that sort of kills the entire idea lol. Without that might as well just copy files directly to the device..

  5. I mean…it’s a pretty basic costume lol. White shirt and red tie….

  6. That’s basically the opposite of what Teams is all about (collaboration)…

  7. This would be awesome. Unfortunately the whole flying drones over people (in stands and parking lot) would prevent this.

  8. Stool, Edison Bulb, black iron nameboard, minimalist cheap ugly paper menu, generic name, bad overpriced burgers, bulky tatted chef.

  9. Actually never saw it here but

  10. For light I prefer Flame. When I spin up a docker container, I add 3 labels, and it then automatically show up in flame. Simple and light weight. (Personally I don’t need those stats, for that I have Proxmox as hyper visor running.)

  11. +1 I’ve tried them all (2-3 times over) and flame is where I’ve settled

  12. Rsvp is just so they know how many people to be prepared for. If 100k people show without warning those servers aren't gunna take it

  13. The post literally says there will be a cap of 50k. I would assume the RSVP is to manage join codes

  14. The point remains the same. Weird flex dude

  15. ...? I'm not sure you know what the word flex means

  16. Wasn’t funny… until it started flopping. That’s when I too lost it

  17. “I didn’t think this video was funny until it got to the part that was funny”

  18. Technically, he said for every upvote, not for total vote score.

  19. Downvotes would impact how high up his post gets shown and therefore how many new people could see and vote it

  20. What's the debate? What arguments exist against feeding children in school?

  21. Who is paying for these meals? That seems like the obvious debate…

  22. Looks like curated events are back on the menu boys!

  23. This is a livestream of a previous show. Hopefully new curated a are still coming but this is not that.

  24. This is not that but if you follow the link in his IG bio it names and teases the new album and promises future curated events

  25. Referring to unlock the other side? Yeah we’ve all been talking about that in here nonstop for a week or two lol.

  26. I remember your other post - I truly believe they are giving compression priority (or lack thereof) to these creators. It seems like its shot at 4K+ with fast lenses, etc etc. even with everything being the best it is, a social media site will compress the hell out of your quality - this includes YouTube.

  27. On mobile right now but seems fairly easy to test right? Could at least compare file size and codecs during playback to other “normal” accounts

  28. I had some extra climbing stuff lying around and just put it to use. The hard part of the peak design connectors is attaching it to such heavy gauge rope.

  29. Sure...but maybe thats a sign you shouldn't be using such heavy guage rope. That strap looks almost as heavy as the camera lol. I understand you had it laying around but theres a reason no camera strap on earth looks like this.

  30. I thought about just getting a cheese plate, but would that give enough clearance?

  31. Just measure it? It should be very simple to determine how much more clearance you need and then buy a plate with the same or greater thinkness....

  32. I get so drunk I can barely function within like 1 hour of tailgating I cannot imagine doing 12.

  33. That sounds more like you have no ability to control yourself. You can’t hang out for a single hour without getting so drunk you can’t function? Tailgating is more that nonstop drinking. Hang out with your crew, grill up some burgers, toss a football around.

  34. I'll be honest. I just want the soundboard audio/video from past shows and I'm happy to pay $100 for it.

  35. Sure - and none of that is actually available right now. We don't even know what is supposed to become available. Its like pre-ordering the next apple device without even knowing what it is. You just know its from Apple and your probably gunna like it. You can always pay later when you actually know what you are buying - no need to rush in (other than a $50 discount).

  36. So much for the "just a coincidence" line.

  37. I mean - that could be two taps if it was all in one conversation and they just deleted the conversation. I’m guessing they didn’t manually delete 27k one by one..

  38. Honestly I know $100 is a lot of money but I have been dying to hear new music from nectar…. And from what I have already heard it’s disgustingly fuckin dope. With the slight chance of ever reliving another bassnectar show, as the said there would be tour dates… it’s completely worth it to me…… I know but still, what else do we get and it sucks we have to pay for new music when we can just open up SoundCloud and listen for free as long as we want… idk call me an addict but I can help my noise porn of choice.

  39. Sure - I think the argument though is that it makes sense to pay once there are actual dates announced. For now your paying for a promise and the second you pay the yearly timer starts ticking. It’s like buying a 1 year cable subscription today because you want to watch football next fall. Why not wait until the week before the season starts? Also that gives a few months to learn more about the whole thing and if it’s worth it.

  40. I paid money to get to watch this when it was first made. That was money well spent.

  41. I literally never let my sensor be exposed. If I'm changing lenses I have the other one ready to go and its a race to switch. Even with that I still end up with dust.

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