1. 2 Blood, 1 Unholy seems wonderful. The Blood handbuff cards seem designed to go with Nerubian Swarmguard, you get decent blood AoE and healing cards but also have a lot of minions on board, and a lot of corpses.

  2. I made something like that. It helps that the 3B cards are more control, less handbuff.

  3. Paradox engine is hardly the only otk/infinite combo in historic formats. It's not even the best one, and only a small handful of decks can run it reliably.

  4. It isn't about the fact it combos. It is about the fact it consumes an exorbitant amount of time and is being jammed into anything blue/x pretty much (or green with dorks). It's totally fine in historic where you can run multiple copies of answers for it and your deck is consistent (not to mention aggro is way more successful there). Historic brawl is another issue altogether. It is literally about the amount of time it wastes. The other combos are more obvious/immediate. This may waste 5+ minutes of your time and do nothing. That's my problem with it.

  5. If you know you've lost, surrender. It's not wasting your time, you are.

  6. Bought my condo in 2018. Price has jumped by 50% in the past four and a half years.

  7. DK let you buy almost every one of their cards for a flat 20 coins.

  8. In theory, that's what social security is for.

  9. I don't know, but the move seems so stupid on it's face that there's got to be something else going on here behind the scenes. There's no way we did a straight 1:1 swap between a basketball player and an arms dealer without someone somewhere sweetening the pot. Maybe the arms dealer offered to sell us some cheap weapons or something in exchange for the early release.

  10. Reckoner Bankbuster is like that too. None of its abilities sound fantastic on paper, but it's flexibility makes it great.

  11. Flexibility is a lot better when it's not an either/or like prototype. Bankbuster draws cards AND is a powerful vehicle. It's alright that it's not the best at either because it does both. Autonomous Assembler is either a bad 2 drop or a worse 5 drop, but can't be both at once.

  12. Did standard decline, or did it just move to Arena? MTGA is a hugely popular and profitable app, and standard is the most played format there by far.

  13. Guys like this are the reason libertarians are treated like a joke. We've got a bunch of really popular talking points: Legalizing drugs, punishing violent or thieving cops, and ending censorship just to name a few. But whenever any libertarian actually writes a book or goes on a talk show, they start talking about shit that will NEVER happen, like secession or getting rid of drivers licenses.

  14. Seriously, the only alchemy mechanic my brain can interpretate without freezing is seek. All other mechanics just doesn't feel natural to it, even perpetually which is fairly simple.

  15. If you're not smart enough to understand "create a new card" or "change a card's stats"? Maybe you should go back to solitaire.

  16. really? thought its gone at launch

  17. It normally is, but this one's special.

  18. I stopped playing a few years ago, but came back when they gave me 150 packs last month. Spent all my dust building an Implock deck. How many decks do you think I could build with 5000 gold and the $80 preorder bundle? What should I spend the gold on?

  19. Run a green white aggro deck with an emphasis on artifacts and passing out +1/+1 counters. Thrown in some Teething Wurmlets, Haywire Mites, and some other simple interaction for enchantments and artifacts.

  20. I feel like any faster deck is going to run right over you.

  21. Quite nice for limited (maybe the uncommon mutt?) I think even without unearth you still play this. It's 5/5 in stats for 3 generic but 2/2 worth of stats is delayed.

  22. Definitely not for soldier decks, but artifact decks will like it. I'd say it's definitely better than Simian Simulacrum, and probably playable in the same decks.

  23. I didn't know we were getting Nykthos. Was that just revealed recently?

  24. Explorer feels a bit unfinished, and kind of like historic, it's an impossing mode for newer or more casual players. Alchemy is certainly not as popular as historic or standard, but I can see it being a bit easier to start than explorer for many players.

  25. Because like me not all players are using them. I don’t care if other players use them and nothing requires me to play them.

  26. But why not just play the formats where they're not allowed?

  27. I play all the formats. The majority of people on here who played pre 2020 don’t play alchemy. They are cards designed to give new players an advantage.

  28. Why play all the formats though if you obviously don't like some of them?

  29. Looking through all my expenses this year and it doesn’t seem that inflation had much impact on my expenses.

  30. I feel like the things that inflated the most this year are the things that anyone trying to FIRE already cut down on. Like gas prices are through the roof, but if you're actually trying to save money, you're not driving a car. Food prices went up too, but that doesn't mean a whole lot if you're not going out to eat and planning your meals to avoid expensive foods. The basics that you need to buy didn't move much at all.

  31. Hence planning your meals to avoid expensive foods.

  32. Can you explain the value of mutavault to me? I don't play paper so I know shit about pioneer but seems like it's a worse man land unless you're running a wastes deck which from my trivial glance don't seem to kill it in pioneer or anything. Like why would I want to run that over den of the bugbear or hall of the stormgiant or cave of the beholder?

  33. Instant Speed doesn't trade 1 for 1 unless u counter the Djinn before it even drops. A typical situation, Blue player is at 4 mana drops a Djinn with 1 mana open, the other player tries to remove it with some Black/White instant, Djinn gets phased out and stays safe until Blue player has all his mana back for Counterspells. Phase out effect lasts until ur next turn, not until the end of turn. The only way to defeat Phase out is dropping 2 spells at the time but for that u want to be on ur own turn to either use Sorcery first or to have enough mana for 2 instants. And no cheap creatures don't kill before Djinn or Terror can be used unless Blue had a really bad hand, u only need like 2 spells in the graveyard to block with Djinn and like 3-4 to cast Terror.

  34. But ur instant speed did nothing and phase out persists through ur next turn so u gained literally nothing by doing it unless u had enough mana to casts 2 spells before phase out went into effect but then u might as well have done it on ur own turn.

  35. My instant speed removal removed my opponent's phase out. That's one less phase out they have to stop my next removal spell. They don't have unlimited phase outs

  36. Maybe you could have asked him that?

  37. I drink iced coffee in the summer, but can't stand it hot, so hot tea whenever it gets cold.

  38. I can't control what happens to me, but I can control how I feel about it.

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