1. Thank god! I'm from the UK too and was super worried I was meant to be tipping, I don't think tipping is really a thing here, at restaurants and rounding up in cabs sure but nowhere else is it very common imo

  2. Could possibly have been an old timey security device, if your home is being invaded you retreat to the attic and the pursuer gets slowed down/hurt by falling on the stairs. This was popular in medieval castles:

  3. Wtf is wrong with you? A little Ribby is not the end of the world. The top picture has a gorgeous coat and good muscling

  4. You disagree with what? The Ribby, the coat or the muscling

  5. Why would it take spots away when I've already firmed my options, wouldn't it just remove the places for the other courses?

  6. Yes but they will have already given out offers and rejections to others before you firmed your choices, until then you effectively 'took up' a space as they assume you want to go until you say you dont

  7. I just had a similar experience with a retired polo pony named Freddy who is an Argentinian thoroughbred who’s either 19 or 24; the tattoo is unclear. I’m so happy for you!!

  8. Polo ponies always have good longevity imo as they are kept super fit and given half the year off usually. I've got a 26 year old semi retired polo pony who is still up for some arena Chukkas, stick and balling and hunting.

  9. Thanks for the update. By the way, do you have another Microsoft account or a temporary account? If yes, try to create another user profile and check if the issue persists.

  10. No, edge cannot open within a different Microsoft account

  11. Thanks for the confirmation. There are several factors that may cause the issue like malware, software conflicts, missing or corrupt system files, and so on. To fix the issue that may have been caused by the said factors, try to reset your PC to make sure you'll have a fresh and working operating system. This will reinstall the operating system using the installer that's already on the device, with the option to keep your files.

  12. Thank you for your help, Dell customer service helped me factory reset my laptop and the problem is now solved. The issue was identified as a corrupt Microsoft update

  13. Once you've paid off all the loan+interest, or after 40 years have passed, you stop payment yes.

  14. Oh really? So if you owe 30k for example and once you pay back 30k + interested you no longer have to pay? I thought it was as a % of you income

  15. How much you have to pay is based on a percentage of your income, until you've paid it off, or it gets 'forgiven'. You can pay it off sooner if you really insist (though this is a really, really bad idea in almost all cases).

  16. Hi, I run some small subreddits for the hobby polo, would it be possible to add these?

  17. I would put money on the south end of Ullswater near Patterdale.

  18. Right there with you. Looks like the route* up to Helvellyn from Glenridding

  19. Yes this is it, overlooking Glenridding. I can almost see my holiday home from here lol. Definitely not a purely middle class area

  20. Yeah I made the Dunder mufflin box myself but you can buy it online and the somehow I manage was from Amazon, although it is only a notebook with Michael quotes in, not an actual book

  21. When I next buy some more paper in one of these boxes I'll give you a message, I'm happy to make you one for free or send you the things I used to make it

  22. The way you are holding the lead rope is making me anxious tbh - if your horse pulls away fast, your hand is stuck in the loop.

  23. The first thing I was ever taught about horses, bringing my first one in from the field was to fold the rope in your hand never wrap it

  24. He is half Thoroughbred and half Azteca. His mane is shaved (polo horse), but it looks like it would be black with some white hairs on the edges. His tail has a large white streak running through the center. Just curious what color you would consider this horse to be. To me he looks like a dun with paint markings, but I am not sure.

  25. Hi, yes they run around and bite/nip play with eachother. Kind of like halter tag but without the halters. They also “groom” eachother and I think they go too far and annoy one another. One person had told me the other horse is known to play rough.

  26. I agree with the poster above, all horses turned out together will run around and bite when playing, and they will groom each other. Has he got any scabs on other areas of his body? When watching them do you see them going for his neck particularly?

  27. Thanks for your comment! I agree, I am not trying to place blame on anyone. Just thinking this may not work for our needs. Just wanted to see if it is a valid reason to be concerned for my horse - neck bites like this. I’m scared it will turn into something more severe. Plus, wanting to be a show horse, chunks out of his throat aren’t nice for the ring and I can’t keep giving him bute for swelling.

  28. It's a valid reason to be concerned. I personally don't think it will develop any further than biting as it's often not the way these things go- they will be re-establishing pack order and it may mean your guy has fallen in the ranks. If you are concerned about the biting though and you want him to look nice for showing (and the swelling) then it may be that you just cut your losses and move. Sounds like turnout with your mare is a better scenario for everyone.

  29. That’s not an experience indicator. British dressage you don’t have to sit to trot until medium level, so you can be a pretty good rider and not sit. Showjumping there’s no sitting trot requirement.

  30. I'm in the UK too! 17M, Its not very common among guys here so can feel a little lonely I guess

  31. She is a Argentine TB x Quarter Horse. She’ll be used as an all around horse; I play polo, fox hunt, barrel race, and I’m learning to rope. So she’s also learning how to do it all. She’s at a roping barn for more training at the moment :)

  32. Hi!! It’s an amazing sport :) we play in Aiken, SC mainly.

  33. Completely agree, changed my life! I play in the UK

  34. So is that a yes or no. A comparable course, Cambridge engineering, 98% of students took further maths. And imperial I hear is even more stingy about further maths.

  35. Depends if your school offers it or not. If they offer it then yes you need to self study/take it with school, if not then you may be in the 2%, I would recommend you do some reading about the content in further maths to help with interviews and admissions tests even if you don't end up taking it formally.

  36. thank you, I feel alot more relieved now that I know about the time factor. I was really scared because I didn't want to hurt my pony and cause damage

  37. My horses live out 24/7 in the UK. It rains all winter so they are in neck rugs from September to April and I prefer necked rugs (less cleaning). I have NEVER lost even a single hair of mane in any of the 8 horses in my care, you are overthinking this. Your pony is fine and no damage will be caused, even if the mane rubbed a little this is completely healable

  38. Scotland here. I never use sms. Only ever use WhatsApp. If I receive an SMS I am immediately suspicious.

  39. England here and it's the same for me. The only messages I get via SMS are from Vodafone and scammers.

  40. Can confirm no, criollo horses are popular for polo in Argentina, some are pure breads and others are crossed with TBs, either way very much still in existence

  41. Any good seller is going to let you do a PPE and knows they may be a few days away, if they’re not willing to wait than that means they’re trying to get them sold without one which is never a good sign.

  42. Or they have another buyer who can complete the PPE sooner or doesn't want one at all. In that case not a red flag and just business

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