1. You actually equipped the Spartan Cheerleader core, giving everyone you play against a little fist bump and good vibes. ' keeping trying buddy!'

  2. Probably if you're laggy you may get a serve, and needing to remember it's the game/ connection. Sometimes the hitscan/desync favours and other times it's a false melee, homing nades and 3 corner death bs.

  3. I've had an easier time with the latest drivers by increasing my virtual ram . I think halo leaks memory.

  4. Randy Riker and Dangerous Deanna sounds like a great tag team

  5. I sense a can of whoop ass being opened captain

  6. I had a small wedding of 10 people living in another country to my family under lockdown. We had a really great day. Nothing like what I'd imagined or had planned just before COVID hit.

  7. The bastard who did it had an extreme infatuation with her. In the year leading up to her murder, he physically transformed himself in the hopes of dating her. "He lost 50 pounds, underwent Lasik surgery, had his teeth whitened, and got hair implants...he had done it all for Grimmie." He watched her videos at all waking hours, and when he executed his "plan", it seems he had an "if I can't have you, no one can" mentality. Fucked up.

  8. Creepy. Also sounds like a lot of the background and motive is from his friend Cory rather than actually evidenced.

  9. Playing halo tonight with modern warfare out was Trick enough.

  10. The lesser known Fender Memecaster, part of the alternate reality series.

  11. I would like to be more present in meetings and not keep wording through trees of paper notes at work. Plus it looks cool!

  12. I thought that at the time (I own one) and now tbh, I wish I'd gone for a more unique colour. Whereas my candy apple Red strat, lake placid Blue AO tele or cosmic jade mex P bass always looks stunning when I pick them up.

  13. ... Holy Diver! But would probably agree with Chris Cornell for his vocal toan.

  14. Front zipper for his little nippers. Back is more like a exhaust. Converting biomass and gas for some thruster kick-ass.

  15. If it makes you feel any better, I have it and love the pose itself, but I never use it, as it always makes your character almost impossible to see in the win screen… so you’re really not missing out on anything imo. Your character is always crouching and either behind another Spartan or like half off screen. Not the best choice for a victory pose.

  16. It's great with 3 other buddies. Proper troll win screen.

  17. Autocorrect - The Orville. Technically not trek but is a light hearted love letter to it. Also later seasons a bit more serious so it's a good bridge from lower decks. If only trek apply, I would go Voyager or start then on season 3 tng and let them figure it out. Most stories are pretty self contained.

  18. How does this get 2k comments when my tip to find your YouTube video through a Bing search (which scrubs out ALL ads) gets shot down because of the adblocker and browser brigade.

  19. Shush girl, shut your lips, do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips. Haha.

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