1. Wow, thank you very much!!! That was really helpful. I am really looking forward to getting started there.

  2. Probably a non-anonymous chipcard with the 40% off discount outside of rush hour. You pay something like 5 euros a month to get 40% off all public transport outside of peak hours.

  3. But what leads to confusion is the fact siblings are not virtually identical. Going back to the tooth example, if this averaging out process led one child to having a large set of bottom teeth and their sibling to have a small set of top teeth, why couldn't it easily have been the case that one of them had bottom teeth that were further out than top teeth? If the same averaging out process led to large bottom teeth in one and small top teeth in another, why couldn't it have led to one having more extended bottom teeth than top teeth? Is the problem that i am thinking about specific genes pertaining to specific body parts? So actually the same genes that determine top teeth also have some bearing on bottom teeth? So if top teeth are smaller then inevitably bottom teeth will be as well as the genes are linked. Likewise there aren't genes that determine some arteries and other genes that determine other arteries, rather they are all related, which means that you don't get arteries forming independently and not connecting with each other? Although That sounds way more complicated than if one gene did one thing and another did another as all these genes would have to work in unison rather than having specific purposes. Increasing complexity to several powers.

  4. Epigenetics explains the twins bit. And yes, there is no one gene for each body part but thousands of interacting genes performing individual actions that eventually will conform a body part (roughly explained).

  5. I have not yet, as I am in my native country right now. That's why it seemed sketchy that the service provider needs my passport right away. I just want to book a viewing

  6. What I have been doing is telling them that I have a friend un Amsterdam that could go visit the apartament. They come with a ridiculous excuse and that is it. If they accept you will at least know that they have a place to rent.

  7. For what I have read, they will give back half of the fee, but I wouldnt be optimistic about extending.

  8. Onana didnt progress at all with me, how has It gone for you?

  9. He got a crap personality, workrate and strength. Otherwise he's really good.

  10. I'll try changing the traits and the mentoring, seems like a good idea. I also agree with the strength bit.

  11. That sounds really meagre. Ah, I just saw the stats.

  12. I am mostly playiing a 4231 or 4123 on positive or offensive. 50% average possesion, rather high tempo and direct passes. Third in goals scored, dribbles per match and occassions created. Inside forwards should be happier thant they are, but my centre forwards are the ones getting the goals.

  13. Are the attributes in different order when you change languages? Because if that Entradas 6 is Finishing, I would not play him as main striker.

  14. Oh no, that's tackles hehe, finishing is on 16. Still cant finish to save his life, obvs

  15. If he has good finishing but he's not scoring, there are some things that might be contributing: low composure and poor off the ball movement, maybe he's inconsistent or does not enjoy playing important matches. He's short and fast and you might be playing using mainly the wings and crossing inside the box, which is not perfect for this type of player, so it might be your tactics. It's hard to definitely find a reason for poor performances without having more info.

  16. Mostly luck tbh, he usually scores from rebounds inside the box. Composure isnt that bad, he should work as an IF.

  17. I tried to watch them, but he is way too "funny". Are there any calm, informative videos of him?

  18. Ah yes, when I signed Coutinho for my prem-promoted Cambridge and he went on yo 0 G/A and retired midseason

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