1. I liked Pinhead’s look when they give a teaser a few weeks ago- I was worried about the voice though. A lot different from the legend Doug Bradley, but I really like this new take on it 👍🏼

  2. Nice work! And the New Hope style robes underneath- always my favourite. Samurai warrior vibes

  3. Initially when I heard about the show: “Why?”

  4. Good call- I’m excited too but I’ve learned that I better temper my expectations a bit.

  5. Definitely Bob Fett. That sure as hell wasn’t Boba. Not sure why they did a show about Benjamin Kanoobi either. Maybe he knows Jake Skywalker- that dude Mark Hamill was talking about. All these new characters are confusing as hell

  6. Never. They thought they finished me off before but somehow, I returned. And I can fly now

  7. Best: Top Gun Maverick and 1917 Worst: unfortunately the new Dune. I was so pumped to see it but they turned up the volume so much it was actually painful. Followed closely by Spider-Man NWH. So pumped again to see it only to be wrecked by a group of 5 obnoxious teenagers. Almost got into a fight.

  8. Boiling water works great for those too. Heat the plastic, hold it where it originally should be and then run cold water over it to set in place. Just don’t burn them fingers man

  9. 2 Friends on mine - one has the new Optoma UHD55 for $2000 and the other has a new Samsung LSP9T for $6000. I come home to my Epson 5030 and am still really satisfied. I agree with all the other comments here. Used Epson 5030 or 5040. Lots of them now well below $1000. You can buy a new bulb and enjoy it for years- and still have $500 to spare.

  10. I’m a little over a month into an LS12000 and I love everything about it. Replaced a 5040 and it’s great.

  11. Nice to hear. I’ve got a 5030 and going with another Epson sounds great

  12. I’m super sensitive to the rainbow effect with DLPs which is what originally brought me to Epson. So glad it did.

  13. Interesting- I bought the 5030 because of reputation and the fact it wasn’t a DLP, just in case someone in my household was sensitive. The reputation was spot on. And the LS12000 sounds like pure bang for the buck again. Hopefully I’ll have one in a year or two 👍🏼

  14. They’re great! Pretty cheap to pick up and fun to work on. I’d like to customize a few more 👍🏼

  15. Considering people with Alzheimer's can get pretty punchy this is a good fit for Crowe.

  16. Luke in episode 4 when he takes off his Stormtrooper helmet

  17. Hell ya. That’s almost as good as the Liu Kang Pantene hair slo-mo from the first Mortal Kombat movie. But not quite

  18. I like 4k blu ray, but on a rare ocassion, a disc will develop an issue, even though you can't actually see any sort of scratch or blemish after cleaning.

  19. Totally agree- blu ray for the win. Look into Starlink internet- I’m in the sticks too. But now I get between 75 and 200 Mbs now. Was delivered in 2 weeks. A little costly but a game changer man. Cheers

  20. Given that 20th Century Studios posted this, and they've only said it's a U.S Hulu exclusive, fingers crossed on an international Disney+ release like Prey. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  21. As a Canadian, I strongly second this. And as a big 1987 Hellraiser fan- please don’t suck 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  22. Or who knows? Maybe they'll put it on HBO Max. I mean, they distribute The Handmaid's Tale intl.

  23. We don’t get hboMAX in Canada either. Some releases will go on our Crave channel (like Justice League) but it’s very inconsistent

  24. Love the vintage stuff! Looks like you need another shelf stack to let it all breathe a bit

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