1. Nice 👍🏼 the third droid from the left in the top row- what’s it’s name?

  2. Fantastic man! For some reason I also like chopping and painting the hell out of perfect toys. Looks great 👍🏼

  3. Makes me think back on the original battlefront games and being able to pilot almost all of those. Good times. Nice collection!

  4. I have both Dengars too. One with flesh coloured face and the other a very yellow tone. Definitely a variant.

  5. The music and visuals are so clean- it’s beautiful to watch. Just some moronic scientists and some bad decisions here and there. Otherwise I can watch and enjoy it as much as alien 1-3. And the added bonus of watching Charlize Theron do push-ups… sign me up coach

  6. I was just there. Can confirm. And the fact that Edmonton is pretty high up in the comments, also under some high rated jokes speaks volumes

  7. I have so much respect for Mr. Scott but good god man dont give him any ideas

  8. The Grievous storyline from that cartoon could have easily been an awesome episode 2

  9. I may still have that Revenge patch, I'm pretty sure I got it with my Bantha Tracks subscription as a kid.

  10. New Martin Motions and new KEF R’s announced almost on the same day. Interesting.

  11. Or get something on the used market, e.g. Craig's List. I picked up an Optima there for about that price a couple of years ago that I use from presentations and as a backup for my main home theater projector.

  12. Yep- I’ve seen high end used 1080p projectors selling for under $500 with 120” screens included. Great deal

  13. Hot water- not quite boiling. Give a dip and then hold in place until cool. Works great on vintage xwing laser cannons too 👍🏼

  14. It’s looks great! I think you can buy this swivels pretty cheap on Amazon if you need another. It doesn’t need it though- looks battle used 👌🏻 thanks for the pic!

  15. Right now it's around 13 feet. I was thinking 8-10 feet would be too close for 130, no?

  16. I’m 13’ from a 120”. Big enough for me - I couldn’t do 130” at 10’. But it’s all individual preference 👍🏼

  17. Dear Disney- please sell the Tron rights to someone who actually gives a shit

  18. When Droopy McCool hits that flute, Snootles on vocals and Max working those keys….pffft forget it. Jedi rocks sucks

  19. Infinity war is peak marvel. After watching Endgame I lost interest in all things related to Marvel. I think I've only watched the last spiderman since then.

  20. For sure. Infinity war set the bar so insanely high. Great movie. I walked out of endgame underwhelmed. Then I saw Far From Home shortly after endgame and had way more fun with that. Nothing else has stood out since then.

  21. I finally upgraded my old Paradigm Monitor 7 v2 towers and Monitor 360 center channel to SVS Ultras.

  22. Just curious- you said you’re happy with your initial results. What were the things that stuck out most? Mid range, treble, bass? Overall clarity and sensitivity? Always been curious about the ultras

  23. I noticed the following subjective differences after upgrading:

  24. Thanks! Great observations. I’d sure like to try REW in my theatre too. If you post those results when you’re done that would be great too! Cheers

  25. I’m late to this party but this is great. Best one I’ve seen 👌🏻

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