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  1. Find the North Texas Jeep Club on Facebook. Great community and we go out to Sanger, red river, etc off road parks. Great for beginners. Also never go out alone if you do decide to go off road

  2. Wow that sounds great… problem is, I don’t use Facebook, is it on any other platform?

  3. I know you said you don’t use Facebook, but there are a lot of groups and support on there that you might enjoy. I hate Facebook too, but I do take advantage of the forums and people on the platform.

  4. Yea from what I’m seeing I’m missing out. :/

  5. My cat bites me when she’s not done receiving pets lol. Creo que me odia jaja

  6. I think I’m the only that thought it was a tick.

  7. Or the “I won’t give up on us” when one of them is broken up with

  8. I had this situation but I was the one that tried to leave. 8 times. Whenever I tried breaking up with him, he would take it as “I’m not giving up on us, I need to fight for her the easy no one else did”. Trying to prove to me that he was “better” than anyone I’ve ever been with. He would beg, cry, and manipulate until I felt so bad that I would end up staying. He thought I had a problem because how could I possibly want to leave such a perfect partner? He did not realize (or didn’t want to) that he was the problem.

  9. Everything you said is exactly how I’ve been feeling

  10. Didn’t know this was a thing. I’d love to join a group as well.

  11. If you like to dance salsa/bachata or want to learn, alpha midway has classes in Arlington

  12. Happy birthday. If you want to reduce your ass mass, drink hot green tea in the mornings on an empty stomach.

  13. Ahh went right over my head. Either way enjoy your day!

  14. This is a wonderful picture. You should print and frame it

  15. The midnight library is great. Every chapter makes you think about your own life

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