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  1. I actually finished all my work and had nothing to do :)

  2. First thing I will do is to disable the HUD for more immersion

  3. That dial makes the watch look expensive, love it. The bracelet also looks really nice. Nice watch

  4. U will get addicted to them...and when u do, be sure to buy tough solar Gshocks

  5. I prefer the one on the right.....seems more lively

  6. White and blue one is my dads he stole/borrowed my breitling. But yes I’m a Omega fan.

  7. I also love Omega watches....Can't afford them though :)

  8. We live in a dark insane and unpredictable world....wish I was born an animal sometimes

  9. And they have to clean those chunky bits from under their nails

  10. Graphics are good, gameplay seems good The footage looked choppy but hey, they have plenty of time to work on how the game runs....I think it is going to be a great game but I'm keeping my expectations in check....been disappointed with a lot of game releases

  11. Can I ask what you think of the Hilfigers? I'm still a noob in terms of watches and had assumed, maybe wrongly, that they were fashion-watches and not in the same league as Seiko or Citizen but I gotta admit that white Hilfiger is a crisp beauty.

  12. Hilfiger watches have cheaper materials and quartz movements so I would recommend u buy a Casio or citizen rather than a fashion watch....I have those hilfigers because my mother gifted them to me.....The watches work well tho

  13. Ow shit Ow shit Ow shit Ow shit u Wallin Ow shit u wallin

  14. Thinking about getting one, but it just seems to bulky for me...i mean 13mm thickness and 49 lug to lug ain't small. I have a slightly larger wrist than yours, how does it wear in your opinion?

  15. It wears decently on the wrist.......If u plan to stay with it on your hand for more than 6 hours it will start to get uncomfortable...as u said, it is a thick watch and now in the winter I have to role my left sleeve up....The dial is really good, u can tell the time from all angles, the strap is comfy and it has a nice black fabric( soft feel)on the other side ( the one that touches your skin)...even though the watch is thick it doesn't feel heavy

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